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Red Sky At Night

August 31, 2008
By SallyWally GOLD, Mallerstang, Other
SallyWally GOLD, Mallerstang, Other
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The noise has started. At first, you can just hear a few nasty whispes, the odd snide remark. You can easily block that out. Next comes the raised voices, you can hear everyword echoing through your body and wracking your soul. Lastly is the smashing and screaming. The frantic grab for an item to defend yourself. Theese people are adults, yet they squabble like children.

I try to bury my head under my pillow, trying to block out the hate that consumes our house. Our once happy family is now a snarling beast, and i do my best to seperate myself from it. I calmly get up and reach for my jewellery box. As i open it, the sweet gentle music enters my ears and danses playfully through my head. I dig around between my necklaces and earrings until a come across a small velvet ring box. I pull it out delicatley and quietly close the jewellery box, killing the music. Inside my ring box is a small, sharp blade. It twinkles forbiddingly amongst the crushed silk. Something so sharp nestled in with something so soft.

I bring the blade up to the light, and watch the light catch it. Then, like a violinist bringing a bow to her violins strings, i slowley sink the blade into my arm and pull. The blood comes quickly, i'm used to it. It doesn't frighten me anymore. My blood flows down my delicate lilly white arms. A beautiful contrast. I walk over to my window and into the sunset. The sky above me is crimson. Red sky at night, Sheperds Delight. I press my arms aginst the glass, its cold smooth surface soothing my irratated skin. The blood drips down the window. Red rain. Angry Rain. Blood Rain. I hear my front door slam. Out the window i see Dad storming down the path towards his car. I see him drive away. He never once look up into my window. Just as well really. I pull out the Kitchen paper from under my bed, and stop the bleeding on my arm. I wipe down the windows, clean my blade and pack it away neatly and carefully. Afterall, its my only escape. I pull down my sleeves to cover my scars, and make my way down the stairs, to find my Mum, to stop her tears. Later i will lie awake listening to the rain on the roof.

The author's comments:
I hope this will shed a little lighht into whats going through a persons head when they self harm. Thats it's not just attention seeking emos who cut themselves and that plenety of normal people do to.

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