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September 20, 2008
By Reddevlin SILVER, Douglas, Massachusetts
Reddevlin SILVER, Douglas, Massachusetts
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Winter to Spring: The cold weather slows and rain falls more frequently. The world is renewed as blossoms spring from the once frozen ground. A human sheds their winter clothes and begins to become happier. All living things feel refreshed from the enclosed life in winter. People stretch out after an inactive winter and nature comes to life, as it had hidden away for 3 months. Love begins to ignite as it was output in the cold, unkempt and regarded as a waste of energy. After the first snow the magic had died but as spring sneaks up happiness is excessive. The seeds in the ground begin to burst as new life is born. Along with the plants come weeds, an unwanted visitor that we try to get rid of like all other things we think are bad. A solid layer of white is replaced with all shades of green. Humans start to become exciting instead of bland like before. The days grow longer as spring is in full bloom.

Spring to summer: Cold weather becomes rare and if there is any rain it is a violent rain storm. Days can become sweltering but a human still enjoys at the beach and in the shade. The outside has become king over indoors and the only people inside are frying they're brains with computers and video games. On hot days all animals showed exhaustion and the soft hum of air conditioners has filled the air. On a rainy day loud bangs filled the air and no matter what time it was it seemed like the dead of night. If lightning struck the whole world was illuminated and it begins the anticipation of the oncoming thunder. At night the air is cool and people sit outside until mosquitoes begin to bite. Love is blazing like wildfire and the world is happy. The days are long but the work is short as everyone takes a break from work for vacation.

Summer to fall: The weather cools as well as people's overwhelming excitement. Trees begin to change in color as animals conserve food and energy. Some go back to their homes not too come back until spring begins again. At the beginning people enjoy the crisp and still warm air. People show their athleticism without being completely beat before they even began. Voices start to stir about the upcoming holiday season, but kids are saddened by the beginning of the school year. Towards the middle the weather deepens again. Sports finish off before people begin to complain about the cold. The first leaves shed from the trees. Children dress up to support the holiday of Halloween and expect free candy from every house they go to. At the end people sense the winter, trees are barren, and people go back to their slump. The holidays are kicked off by Thanksgiving and the other holidays like Christmas are around the corner. A single snowflake falls and the entire world stands still.

Fall to winter: The first snow marks off the season, no matter what the calendar says. People go into their emotional slump as they spend more and more time indoors. Animals and plants are rarely seen as everything seems pushed together for warmth. School is full-blown as shown by the crowd of unhappy children. No person is truly happen, even with a smile on their face as they reminisce on the happy summer months. After the initial holidays winter becomes another month, in just another year. The cold prevents any real outdoor activity save creating seas of snowmen and also trusting a piece of wood to glide you down an icy mountain. Each snow brings a blank canvas on which the world to draw create, just like every new blade of grass in the summer. The weather is best enjoyed through a window. As winter begins to end the cycle continues. The world begins again.
Emotions change with the weather.

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