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The Queens Card Game

August 13, 2014
By MaggieWilliams SILVER, Bradenton, Florida
MaggieWilliams SILVER, Bradenton, Florida
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Once long ago, there was a beautiful kingdom, nestled in a forest of Rocky Mountains, and trees. The loving, and caring rulers of the kingdom, had five beautiful daughters, who were called the loveliest in the whole land. The first sister, Christine, had beautiful straight brown hair which always brushed her torso. Her eyes were a deep emerald color, and her figure shaped like an hourglass. The second sister, Claire, you could call, was almost identical to her sister, except her eyes were a glassy blue. Crystal, the third sister, was a bit different than her two older sisters. Her hair was a dark blonde color, and came in small ringlets on her mid-back. Her eyes were a crystal blue, hence her name, and she was a tall, small waist girl, like her sisters. After her, came Carol. Carol is Crystal’s identical twin, so they look very much alike. Now, the last sister was Aceline. Aceline was very different from any of her sister. She had bright red hair, which was course, and frizzy. She wore freckles around her dark brown eyes, and she was very pale, and thin. Her sisters nicknamed her Ace.

Now as this is in people, each of the sisters had a desire or thing that set them apart from the other. Christine desired beauty, and wealth, so she was such symbolized by a diamond. Claire’s heart was as wide as the largest ocean. She loved every living creature, so she was symbolized by a red heart. Crystal, was said to be very lucky. She received many gifts, from many men, and also got out of many tough situations. She was symbolized by a three leaf clover. Carol loved the idea of giving life, through birth. She loved life itself. So she was symbolized by a spade. Aceline, well was different from her sisters. She was a bit of each of those traits. She wanted enough money to hold a happy life, and she wanted to look decent enough to find love. She loved every living creature, and strived to help any person in need. She was said to be lucky, and she always was good at calming people down. She loved and was fascinated by life. What could symbolize a girl, of so many things?

When the king and queen met their graves, each sister wanted the kingdom for herself. They fought bitterly over it, dividing there family, until Aceline came up with a solution, she said to her sisters

“Sisters, this bickering will not solve this problem. I have an idea. We all do like the idea of playing cards, correct? Well, we could base off each of our symbols, to make out own sets of cards, and then play. Whoever wins the game, well will win the kingdom.”
The sisters murmured agreements, until Carol said
“But Ace, you have no symbol, what will you play?”

“Dear sister, I do not wish to have the kingdom or power. I just wish to be happy.”
The sisters nodded, and preparations were set. The cards were being drawn, and made, with each of the symbols on them. When it was week before the game, Aceline came to Christines room, and knocked on the door. Christine yelled

“Come in.”

Ace quickly opened the door, and walked in. She said

“Sister I have a proposition for you.”

“I’m listening.”

Aceline opened the door, and a handsome man, of about Christines age came in. Ace said
“Christine, I have here, a man who is very eager to get to know you. He thinks you are very beautiful, the most beautiful girls he’s ever seen. He is a prince, and is very rich. I have an offer for you to marry him, and leave the kingdom, or stay here and see if you can win this kingdom, with no husband.”
Christine quickly said

“I take your offer. I just need to gather my things.”

Aceline left the room quickly, leaving the prince and Christine packing her things. Five days before the fame, Aceline entered Claire’s room. Claire smiled as she finished applying eye makeup to her lashes, and lids. She said

“Hey Ace, what do you need.”
“I have a proposition for you. I have a contract to do fifteen years of volunteering around the world. You will be with other volunteers, mostly males. You can either do this, or stay in the game. What will it be?”

Claire thought for a moment
“I would take this, but who will lead the kingdom?”

“Don’t worry, you have four other sisters.”
“Yes, yes, I will leave tonight.”

Aceline quickly left Claire to do her packing. The sisters were still amazed at Christine’s luck for finding a prince. Hopefully this will stop the division between the family, and make everyone happy, thought Aceline. Two days before the card games, Aceline entered the dining hall to find Crystal redng. Aceline said

“I have an offer for you.”
“And what is that?”

“I have a 5-year Contract, to be hooked up with a publishing company. You can publish those many stories, and poems you’ve always wanted to. But you will have to forfit the game.”
Crystal gladly accepted, and was out of the giant castle by midnight to move into her small cottage closer to the publisher. The castle felt empty with only two girls and a few servants. When it was the day of the big match, Aceline found Carol sitting in the loft room, her cards sitting in front of her. Aceline cleared her throat, and Carol looked up at her. She said
“Aceline, so…it’s just the two of us.”

“Yes, well until you hear my offer.”

“Here is the crown for the queen. You. You can except it, and marry your courter Johnathon, or become a peasant, and never see him again. This is your choice.”

Carol accepted almost immediately. That night Ace took her few possessions, and with a cloak draped over her head she left the castle. Carol became queen in the next few days, Christine married her prince, and lived a happy ever after, Claire met a nice man while volunteering, and I planning on becoming his fiancé, Crystal is now a famous author, and Ace? Nobody knew what happened to her. And so the queens card game, never happened, but the cards were sold and printed all over the world. There were Cards with the numbers up to 9, jacks, queens, kings, and the ace card. There may be a different queen in each symbol, but the ace card was in each and every symbol deck. People were puzzled that one Ace could have more power over a rich queen or noble. But who really has more power, normal people or the rich? Ace will always show us that it does not matter how rich we could be, it matters what we use our gifts and talents to help others. And we should always keep that in mind.

The author's comments:
This was inspired by a normal deck of cards.

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