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I Can't Remember MAG

By Anonymous

   I was sitting stupidly trying to remember the answers. The classroom had become silent as the others began working hard, their pencils scribbling the answers on their papers. How could it be that after hours of studying, my mind had drawn a blank? Days before, when the test was announced, I had thought this test would be a breeze. Even though I thought that it would be easy, I had still studied every night for the past week. All I had to do was remember the answers so that I could pass. Unfortunately, at this time, I could not recall them. My brain was not functioning, and it would not cooperate with thinking. How could I pass? I had already failed three tests this month! The minutes flew by in what seemed like seconds. Think, brain! Think! I was aware of nothing but trying to remember the things I had learned from countless hours of studying. Suddenly, I started to panic as the bell rang. I looked at my paper. The only thing I had on it was my name.

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i love this !