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i sit in the corner my teacher is an amusing instructor she keeps us in line it's a normal day no different from any other with similar apprehensions and anxieties my teacher calls on a kid whose hand is raised in an orderly fashion i got the gist of his comment i am the only one humored by it i glance at the clock seconds past never to return they work diligently at the command It's a nice day a nice day to work there is a dog running around outside he runs up and barks at another dog the other dog looks at him he obviously wants to run off and play the dogs master yanks the chain and the dog follows leaving the free dog behind to play alone i realize someone has been giving a presentation i could pay more attention it's a farce i turn my attention back to nature there are some kids coming out of the woods it is likely that they were doing drugs in a way i envy them they're unconscious the kid giving his presentation is a real jerk he talks to me a lot and i talk to him a lot i look once again at the clock i lay my head down on my desk as to voice my disapproval i hear the kid talking but the words don't make sense the dog is most likely gone by now i have to go to the orthodontist today the thought very much scares me my teeth are fine i hope he doesn't screw up and cut me the blood has a very bitter taste some say it grows on you not me this really angers me i wonder if i'm the only one that is full of rage someone else must hate like me am i sick my teacher noticing that my head is down immediately tells me to sit up the kid on his way back to his seat looks at me and smiles i smile back am i sick


I stand in the front of the class. My class is smart and obedient. I call on one of the smartest. She always does her homework. She answers it wrong. Poor girl must be mortified. I glare at the clock. Gosh, is it slow. The others work diligently at the command. I look over at the caged gerbil. He is running in his cage. He runs so well on the wheel. I call on a kid to do his report. He can teach the class. There are some kids coming out of the woods. They were probably doing drugs. I better write the idiots down. Throwing away their future. Where will they get their money. Their poor parents. The kid giving his presentation is a real student. He makes his work neat and tidy. It's always at least two pages long. He has a future. I notice that I've been slouching. I quickly straighten up. The kid's words don't make sense. I bet he copied. The gerbil has stopped running. Probably to go eat. I quickly straighten my desk. It wasn't in line with the others. I hate that. That really bothers me. The kids are still walking around outside smoking. I wonder where these jerks come from. I feel so sorry for their parents. I tell the slacker in the back to sit up. He was a horrible student. I used to cover his paper in X's. I made him go and erase his errors and do it right. But he's getting better, soon he will be perfect. The kid giving his report gets an A. This could be what he needs to get his average up. He might even get an award. I love order. I love my job. 1

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i love this !