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Utopia And Inferno MAG

By Anonymous

   Once there were only two continuums on the earth: rain and fire. From these colossal powers sprung good and evil in the form of twins, one male and one female.

The rain pounded upon the earth and the earth absorbed the rain until it could hold no more of the cool, soothing liquid. A puddle formed and from this puddle grew a baby boy. The boy was good in all ways. He cared for the earth and the rain from which he was conceived. He also cared for his sister, Inferno.

Inferno was born in the same vicinity as her brother, Utopia. When Utopia grew within the womb-like puddle, fire ravaged close to it. After the incarnation of Utopia, fire mixed with the fluids in the puddle, and the clash between all good things and bad things, rain and fire, brought forth baby Inferno.

Inferno was a child of burning evil. She hated all and was disliked by all. She scarred the earth with her odious ways, while Utopia gently washed all scars from Inferno's incendiaries with calming rain.

For quite some time Utopia ruled the rains as Inferno ruled the fires. Utopia wisely brought rain to all the hurtful places in the world to heal the peoples' suffering. Inferno became jealous of Utopia's powers of saturation, which he used to heal humans. She thought that perhaps he had more power than she did.

Inferno began to devise a plan to rid Utopia of his seemingly omnipotent powers. She thought for endless hours. Inferno thought until she created what she thought was an infallible wile to gain strength and control to overpower her brother.

She crept up behind her brother, who was in a placid state of rest, and placed a small box at his side. The box was filled with all the unfathomable evils in the universe. As she crept away from his resting place, the malevolent girl tripped. The perpetrator of the fall, a simple stick, snapped in half and flew into the air. One half of the stick flew into Inferno's brain and the other half jarred the closed box into an open state. The contents of the box evaporated into the air. The sharp edge of the stick pierced her skull and within her erupted a hot flow of guilt. The guilt melted her soul and crept over her mountain of emotions, spilling forth conscience.

The conscience she now faced told her all of the wrong in the universe and showed how she had brought it about through internecine events and jealousy. You see, Inferno was the cause of all appalling acts. Because of her jealousy of Utopia, she created a sharp cliff between them. Inferno was left in the valley below the cliff, while Utopia was on the raised cliff. The siblings were now forever separated.

This cliff grew higher and higher and the valley beneath grew deeper and deeper. Utopia still felt an intense love for his sister, and Inferno still felt an intense jealousy toward Utopia. Inferno's hatred and jealousy for her brother, and all which was good, caused a concentration of these emotions. As her emotions grew and hatred burned within her, fire shot out of her and down into the earth. Since she was situated in the deep valley, the lightning thrust the entire valley lower into the earth. Again she could not contain her enflamed emotions, and emitted more lightning. The terrible storm of emotions within her bombarded the valley and squeezed and pushed it further into the earth.

Inferno fell to the ground sobbing. His watery tears were the good will of Utopia. He was sending rain in the form of tears to relieve his sister's pain. Although he knew she hated him and had an intense jealousy of him, he shared his soothing rain with his sister. As the sun came out to warm the earth, Inferno's tears evaporated. Utopia's soul was pushed upward toward the clouds.

Utopia sacrificed his life by helping his sister in a terribly complex situation. Because of this he was made a god and allowed through heaven's doors into the firmament. He was greeted by fluffy white clouds to hold all of the soothing rain and to disperse it, when needed, on earth.

Inferno was punished for her behavior. She was suffocated under the ground beneath the deep valley. Where she remained was named Hell. Once in Hell, she became a god. As a god, she had fire removed from her realm of power. The uncontrolled fire then consumed her body. Her burnt spirit is still beneath the world as a sign of all evil.

The fire continues to this day, still taking the power of evil from people who do not seek to live as Utopia once did.

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