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Wowzers in my Trousers pt. 2

November 18, 2015
By Blackjack. GOLD, Suffolk, Virginia
Blackjack. GOLD, Suffolk, Virginia
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As the new girl was unpacking her boxes in her apartment, Jeff began his perfect dream again. But with the girl in his picture. Her appearance, Jeff didn't even know how to describe it, all he could see was long, dark reddish-brownish hair. She has smooth-light caramel skin and was wearing a gray star tank with a black leather jacket. She also has black tight jeans, and blue and white sneakers. She wore blue eyeshadow to go along her ocean blue eyes. Jeff looked at Vin, and he could tell he was having the same perfect dream, too. All of the sudden, he heard a "Hi!" Jeff turned around, and he saw it: The new girl, turned to his direction, introducing herself to her new neighbors.


"Oh, sorry. We didn't mean to interrupt you. W-We live across the hall from you!" Said Jeff trying to NOT sound nervous. "Oh that's okay. I seem to bring too much attention to myself, sometimes. Anyway, my name's Alice." She held out her hand for a handshake.


Both Jeff and Vin gave her their names and shook her hand, although Jeff’s palms were sweaty, but Alice didn’t seem to notice too much. Jeff and Vin offered to help Alice move in and she was delighted. As they unpacked box after box, set up her flat screen TV, and helped organize her CD collection. As they were half-way done, Rudy came in without notice. "Doritos, I smell Doritos." "Hey Rudy, what are you doing here?" Asked Jeff. "I said I smell Doritos." He strides across the room and bends over an unopened box. "What are you doing in my apartment, do you guys know this guy?" asks Alice. "Yeah, unfortunately we do. He's Rudy." says Vin pulling at his shirt collar and avoiding Alice's gaze. 


"Hey dude, you can't just barge in like that." Said Alice with disgust in her voice. "Shut up, there are Doritos in this box. I can tell." Rudy says in a low angry growl. "So what dude...hey stop that!" Jeff suddenly shouts as Rudy starts ripping up the box and digging through its contents like an animal. "Oh my gosh, I can't believe this guy! Get him out of my apartment this instance!" yells Alice. "Stupid Rudy," grunts Jeff. As soon as he got rid of Rudy, loud beeping went off in their apartment.
"What the, that sounds like the fire alarm," says Vin as his phone vibrates and he picks it up. "Vin speaking, talk to me." "Yeah, it's Scarlett, your apartment looks like it's about to blow into smithereens, are you and Jeff in there?"


"Oh no, dude; our apartment’s on fire!" Said Vin in a panic. "WHAT?!?" Said Jeff. "It's true!" Said Vin in a panic. The smell of smoke invaded their noses, they ran to their apartment to see for their selves, but to their surprise, they was no fire. But the sounds of laughter from friends Charles, Scarlett, and Willy. 


"Where's the fire?" Said Jeff in confusion. "Bro, are you THAT gullible, you just fell into another prank by yours truly!" Said Scarlett with a proud grin. Vin did nothing but face-palmed himself in embarrassment. "Uhh I can't believe we fell for that...." he murmured. “Forget the prank, how did you even get into our apartment?" Said Jeff. 


Charles did the honors by pointing at the open window in the back of the apartment, that vary place is where he, Scarlett, and Willy always go through to get in their apartment when they meet every Thursday for Pizza Night, in which today happened to be Thursday.


"Well, what about the smoke and the alarm?" Asked Vin. Willy then held up what appeared to be a burnt bag of Jiffy Pop Popcorn, as he raised the bag, the steam roused to the smoke alarm and it went off no time flat. "Well, THAT explains much." Said Jeff covering his ears.


Alice folding her arms looking over the ruckus of the prank. “If you want to prank an emergency, you will soon cause one.” Alice says coldly with a hint of hidden hurt in her eyes. Blinks it away rolls her eyes sighing irritated. She goes back to her apartment before anyone could argue her point. Alice continues unpacking a box she stops looking to a few photo albums. She takes the box to her room on the highest shelf hiding the box under neatly folded cloths that Jeff and Vin did for her.


Jeff and Vin looked over at Alice as she left for her apartment, and they soon looked at the gang on their couch. "Well, she seems nice." Said Scarlett. Soon, there was yelling from her apartment and soon emerged Rudy, whose lips were covered in orange powder. "I guess he found those Doritos!" whispered Vin with humor in his voice. As Rudy entered the apartment, he sat down and the gang began getting their pizza ready for the chosen movie.   


Except Jeff, who was still looking back at Alice's apartment, and soon, he left going after Alice. "Where are you going, Jeff?" Asked Willy. "I'm gonna speak to her!" Said Jeff.


"Hahaha good luck with that bro! It's not like she's WAY out of your league or anything!" Scarlett called after him sarcastically and leaned over to kiss Rudy's cheese stained lips, presumably to start a make-out session while Jeff left for Alice. "You're disgusting.” Willy told Scarlett as Vin snuck out and ran after Jeff to watch "the show". By the time Vin showed up, Jeff was knocking on Alice's door.

The author's comments:

Big thanks to those who helpt me write part of this! Your the best!

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