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February 28, 2009
By Toxic_Wasteland PLATINUM, Andowver, New Jersey
Toxic_Wasteland PLATINUM, Andowver, New Jersey
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I'm walking down Wavens way on my way home from school and i have my ipod playing. it's early Fall and i have a light jacket. I'm texting frantically because i texted too many people at once. i can't hear a thing around me except the music in my ear, Areosmith "I DON'T WANT TO MISS A THING."

i've decided to put my phone away and ignore the text messages i can't ahndle the vibration though so i have to turn all sounds off. i'm looking straight ahead and now the song has ended and i hear a screaming noise. i take out my ear plugs to see if i'm imagining things and i realize i'm not. the screaming get louder and it sounds like a cry for help. my pace picks up. i'm afraid to know what's going on.

i reach the gsted parka nd i see three tall muscular guys huddled in a circular formation. i stop and watch, i see something on the ground but i can't make out what it is. i realize the object is moving and i start to hear a moaning noise. i put both hands on the gate and shake it forcefully.

"hey, hey what are you guys doing!!!"

the three boys turn their attention away from the fugure on the ground and put it all on me.

"hey, guys we got ourselves a hottie!" the one skinny one says

"oh joy i can't wait for her." the other skinny shorter one says.

"why don't you bring that fine figure over here sweetie." the tall more muscualr one says.

"why don't you take your sorry butts home, k?"

"what you say you little skank?!!!" the taller one shouts.

"you heard me jack butt! Get outta here. Now!!"

the three boys look at me like i'm crazy. i put my hand in my left jacket pocket. i always carry a pocket knife with me. i pull it out and yell.

"look i've used this knife before now backl off cause i'll use it on you don't think for one second i wont."

they all stare at me and lok at my knife. there is some blood on it but it's not human blood. it's called blood red nail polish. but that's not something they need to know. they start backing themselves up to the figure.

"whatever your hiding behind you, you better leave now show off!!"

they all move on out of the park pretty fast and i watch them as they keep walking, just checking to make sure they don't come back.

i go into the park heading towards the figure on the ground. i come to realize it's a kid with a black hoodie on. but i see his hadn and it's soaked in blood. i bend down next to him to help him out.

"hey," he moans "don't hurt me please no more i'm begging you.." his voice trails off. i put my hand on his and whisper. "don't worry i'm not going to."

the figure looks at me and i real;ize he's back. that's when i realize those kids were white and he's simply black and that's why he's afriad.

i still don't understand how it can be 2009 and people still hate eachother based upon race. there is something wrong with this world. it doesn't make any sense it's just another person but in different color.

"look i know why your afraid, but i'm not like most people i don't care about your race, so just give me your arma nd i'll help you up, where did they hurt you."

he gives me his hand i help him up.

"they didn't hurt me so to speak they just shoved me and i cut myself up from here."

i give him a sympathetic look and by the look in his eyes he doesn'y want my smpathy so i wipe my eyes clear of it.

"look i can hold myself up fromhere, but thanks for the help."

"hey look kid, i really think i should walk with you."

"the names Mike sweetie."

i smile because it's funny how he just calls me sweetie like he's so smooth witht he ladies.

"Megan.. and i ain't your sweetie kay?"

he smile backa nd nods. he looks across the road and the three idiots are watching us fromt he store they're in. he looks at me and says,

'uh maybe walking with me wouldn't be such a bad idea, since you got a pocket knife and all. i8 laugh because i remeber how those guys actually thopught there was blood on it. he looks at me confused.

'oh i'm sorry but that knife has never been used i just put nail polish on it, go figure it's called Blood Red."

he smiles as i walk up beside him. but i know for a fact i would use this pocket knife and just as i'm about to put my ahnd in my pocket to grip the knife Mike grads my arm and we're conviently out side of the store the three guys are in.

all of a sudden i'm in a deep passonite sexy kiss with this guy who i don't even know. but this kiss is incrediable and i feel like we were meant to kiss and be in that situation we were in.

and when mike lets go he looks in the store and smiles at the guys who are now staring like they just saw a ghost. i'm smiling like an idiot but mike grabs my ahnd and we walk on. he weaves his arm around my waist and we walk down the cool darkening street.

it's amazing what one day can do to you.

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ouch said...
on Mar. 8 2009 at 2:22 pm
i really really like it