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A Day Drunk With The Nectar Of Nowness MAG

By Anonymous

   A day drunk with the nectar of nowness. Crash. Thunder is heard. The bold drumming of waves that draws me ever closer, the serenade of an old friend. I turn my head, greeted by a tender hug.

"How are you? It has been so long since we last talked. Come closer. I have secrets to share, stories of freedom from this mundane world. I will help you fly. Together we will go far away. There is another life out there."

Others begin to appear. There is warmth from the east. I turn my head once again to see a hint of gold on the canvas above me. It reflects into the water, and thin sheets of gold now float on top.

The sun rises and the fog slowly lifts from the earth. Angels of the night retreat into the heavens. I run to say good-bye to them. They turn their heads and upon seeing me return to the earth for one last dance. The ocean begins his chorus, a sweet song of the past days, a joyful song of sailors' stories married without the dolphins' refrain. We sway moving at first slowly and then faster and faster. I close my eyes and absorb the rhythm trying harder and harder to keep up. I soon find myself left behind. The fog is completely gone.

I look to my left and see a turtle on the sand. "Hello," I say. "Hello," she replies. I follow her toward the ocean and as we move she tells me of the children she has now left behind. "They will be vulnerable when they hatch," she says. I volunteer to care for them, and she leaves me with a smile on her face and the knowledge that now maybe some time in her travels she will meet one of these young ones.

I hear the call of a bird and look to the sky to see it. I reply, calling her down from the sky. She sees me and slowly floats to the earth. "Hello," I say. She replies telling me that there is a busy day ahead and she must leave. As she ascends into the sky, the sun notices my fallen mood.

"Hello. You are sad. I can feel your pain. Give it to me. Let it go."

I realize why I am here. My freedom is here. I let go of the pain of separation from my love. It releases into the sun. I begin to feel light-headed, giddy, as if intoxicated. I run into the waves, rushing toward the place where they live to the place where the sky meets the land. The waves catch my feet, slowing me down, but I refuse to be hindered. Splashing, I fall into the water.

The ocean catches me. He laughs, feeling my excitement. "Hello, little girl. Have you come to play with me?" "Yes, yes," I cry. "Play with me. Share your secrets, tell me of the faraway lands: the places where mermaids live and where there is a wonderful life for all."

"Why, my dear, you are there. This is the place you've been waiting for. Come, join us!" he says.

I look toward the horizon and see dolphins playing in the rolling waves. They are children, curious about what wonders the ocean has brought for them. They call to me, asking me to come and play. And, just then, as I begin to swim out to sea, I notice that the sun is slowly traveling to the west. I am reminded that there is a life for me apart from the sea. My love is there. It calls out to me from afar, and I slowly begin my journey home.

"Good-bye," I call out. "Good-bye." 1

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i love this !