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February 26, 2009
By emolover95 GOLD, Park City, Utah
emolover95 GOLD, Park City, Utah
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"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."


The main character is a fifteen-year old boy, Alex Wilson. He lives in Pleasant Grove, Utah. He lives with his older sister and mom. He has two wonderful dogs, Sam the beagle and Stewart the mutt, which act as his friends. He won't have them for long. They are going to be moving to Park City because his mom is getting remarried to this guy. Alex doesn't like the Robert and he feels like his mom is trying to replace his real father. He's known the hard life as his mom works two jobs. His sister basically raised him. He has an attachment disorder and refuses to ever give anything up. He collects anything that has any sentimental value and stashes it away.

When he gets into trouble he usually goes out on his own. Though he doesn't tell anybody and hikes into the mountains. He likes to sit quietly and listen to nature as it is. When he first heard that his mom was getting married he ran away into the mountains and was lost for a week before police found him. When they did find him he was in good condition and he claimed that he was just fine to be living in the wild at his age.

He lives in a two-bedroom one-bathroom house that is in a rougher area. He is used to being teased and pitied by other students his age and older. His only friend is a girl named Sharron. He envies her. She has the perfect life. Her parents love her and they are always happy.

His friends aren't quite sure what to think they don't know much that is going on in his life at the moment.

He has short black hair and is slim and tall. He has troubled dark brown eyes. He wears clothes that his older cousin gives to him. Everything he has ever owned was a hand-me-down.

His father worked for the military and was killed when Alex was only five. Everyone feels like he needs a real father but Alex doesn't. He is very protective when people talk about how he doesn't remember his real dad. He is stubborn and very curious, though he once had a sense of humor. He gets into trouble at school for getting into fights intentionally mostly because he gets lonely and wants attention. He hardly gets attention from his mom since she started dating Robert, so when he gets in fights he gets attention.

When his mom can't take it anymore she sends him to a summer camp. At the camp he finds kids in worse shape then himself. He refuses to make friends so he will be miserable. He knows that if he is miserable than his mom will be too.

While he is away his mom is feeling awful. Then she gets a phone call saying that her little boy has been lost when they went on a hiking expedition.

Alex purposely wanders off in hopes somebody will notice he's gone. When they do he is sure they will call his mom and she will be nervous and guilty. He doesn't actually mean to get lost, but he ends up in a very in unfamiliar territory. Now he really is lost and the only person he can rely on is himself.


The villain in this story happens to be a fellow camper. His name is Egbert Frank who is forty years old. He lives in the wilderness in the spring and summer hoping to get revenge on people who cause him trouble.

One of the people who caused him trouble was Alex. Alex had thrown a baseball through his basement window and had gotten away with it too.

Egbert is a grimy little man who is beyond nasty. He doesn't take regular baths and no one lives around him because of it. He is bent on revenge and is slightly crazy. He has schizophrenia and he is deathly afraid of bears.

When he was little he went camping with his grandpa and uncles. They left him alone in the camp while they went to hunt down some elk. While they were away a grizzly bear wandered into camp. The bear saw Egbert and attacked. When his grandpa came back they found him with gashes across his face. He was hanging on to life by a thread and nobody not even the doctor thought he would survive.

He wears stuff that he either finds on the streets or he hunts and wears the fur. When people see him they run in the other direction because he looks like a real Bigfoot.

He never shaves so his beard is all gnarled and tangled around his face. His hair is thin and long it reaches his waist. His eyes are a dull gray and filled with hatred. He has isolated himself and is like a hermit.

He eats only meat and he has yellow and black teeth cause he never brushes. He pretends to be a nice camper and then he will steal from the people who believe him.

The thing that makes him happy is watching other people suffer and the thing that makes him sad is when a person doesn't believe him.

He lies all the time and his family has lost contact with him. He is actually happy that he never has to talk to them again. When they did try to call them he would yell and shout at them. He considers family to be his pet peeve.

He had a bird as his pet once and when he was gone camping with his grandpa and uncles his mom forgot to feed it and it died. He believes that his mom is the person to blame and he has a burning hatred for her.

His father left the family when he was only twelve and he thinks that his dad left because of his mom. That only adds to his hatred that he has for her.

He doesn't care what others think and he listens to the voices inside his head most of the time. They feed his hatred for his family. They tell him that they are to blame for anything bad that happened to him.

He lives in a bitter hatred that he can't escape. His house is a run down ranger department and he thinks that when people come by that they want his house. He is very delusional.

The author's comments:
These are some of the people in my book that i am writing. i think that this is a good way to get feedback

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on Mar. 23 2009 at 6:19 pm
AineMachine BRONZE, Dublin, Other
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I find Egbert a very interesting character. You've got a good book in the making if you do the right things with it.. i see a bit of Stephen King in you (: Alex is a character who appears alot in various different forms so people will find it easy to empathise with him. I wish you good luck with your book and I hope you enjoy writing it because that is the most important thing and I know it can be great! x