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October 19, 2016
By _SlenderMandy_ GOLD, St. Johns, Michigan
_SlenderMandy_ GOLD, St. Johns, Michigan
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She struggled in front of me, shrieking and begging for me to let her go. Tears streaked down my face as I tied her hands and feet together with twine. Immediately her wrists and ankles started to bleed from the harsh texture of the rope. I shook my head at her.
“If you struggle it will get worse. Stay still.”
The stake she was bound to was short, but it would have to do the trick. These spontaneous kills are always a little bit messier than my planned ones. This had to be quick. I wound the ropes around her and the stake, and began to pour gas all around the base. She cried out, begging for me to spare her. It was getting on my nerves.
“SHUT UP!! JUST SHUT UP,” I shouted at her, but her bloodshot eyes locked with mine. An invisible force threw me back against the wall of the brick building behind us. She still had a little bit of power, but I knew she was weakening quickly.
Witches are always fun to kill.
I staggered back to my feet, reaching for a box of matches deep in my pocket. Her screams grew more and more inhuman as her power weakened. She began to chant in a low voice as her eyes glazed over. This would have to be VERY quick. The wind began to pick up, and it smelled of foul meat. I gagged a little bit, but kept my cool. The witch was attempting to conjure something evil to prevent her death.
I quickly lit a match and threw it onto the puddle of spilled gas. The liquid immediately burst into flames, and the witch howled.
The scream cut off as a massive dark creature emerged from the shadows. It was a man, but with the head of a boar instead of a normal human head. The tusks were massive, and I knew that one blow from them could kill me instantly. I reached behind my back, gripping my sword. It was hot in my hands, and it took all of my strength not to unsheathe it—along with my fury. The demon loomed above me, as if it were growing right in front of my eyes.
An acrid smell filled my nose and I shrank back reflexively. A chill ran down my spine as I realized that this god awful odor was in fact the demon’s breath. I shook my head as if to erase the smell. I quickly unsheathed my sword, twirling it through the air like I’d done a million and one times before. The demon grinned evilly at me, as the witch chanted under her breath.
“You think you can stop me, human?” The demon’s voice was low and gravelly. I ignored the comment and dove straight towards the witch.
My sword sunk into her burning flesh, causing her to scream one final time. The wind slowed down as the life faded from her body, and the demon vanished. My head was spinning, and I leaned against the wall for support. Killing these monsters always takes a toll on me.
I guess it’s all part of the Helsing legacy.

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