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Wishing on a Star

March 24, 2009
By NicoleDanielle SILVER, Scottsdale, Arizona
NicoleDanielle SILVER, Scottsdale, Arizona
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She spun around letting the cool breeze caress her skin. Her feet stepped flippantly and barefoot across the yielding grass. The faeries pranced around her just as joyfully as she did. Their multi-colored lights illuminated what did the moon and stars not already illuminate.

She felt lighter then air itself. Although her heart and soul were suffering, the pain not only dwindled, but also almost went away completely. For some strange reason a small piece of her pain still dwelled within her. Deep within her mind it rested until it could be brought up again.

The faeries moved in closer as she fell to the ground. She gazed up at the endless amount of stars and wondered why he couldn’t take her in his arms anymore. An endless stream of hatred ran through her. All of his hatred had been poured into her. For what? No reason.

A star fell from the sky. It was a chance for her to live anew. A chance for her to wish it all away. A chance for a better life. But did those plans ever work out in the long run? The answer was no. Somehow the stories would end up in tragedy. She decided to make a wish. Her life was already tragedy, so how much worse could it be?

Her heart beat faster as her wish ended, it was all up to the star now. Maybe the faeries would help somehow. Both were so magical and amazing. The flowers too perhaps. They crawled along her feet and through her hair. The flowers were pretty magical as well. Or so it seemed.

The flowers began creating an impenetrable cocoon around her. The long stems pulling tighter. Her breathing became more and more restricted. The flowers surrounded her and pulled her into the ground. They pulled her back, deep into the earth. So much for wishing on a star.

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