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Foggy Evenings MAG

By Anonymous

   Foggy Evenings by J. F.,

Arlington, MA

As the dark, dull, muted colors of the evening set in upon the harbor, I find myself gazing at the unique beauty of the starless night. With these deep colors comes the fog, heavy and dense, enveloping the scene, blurring the vivid lines of the day into murky images, and shadowy shapes. The lone ship has its sails lowered. It will surely leave the shipyard in the morning, and arrive at the next port by the following dusk.

I peer out from the window above the oak desk in my study. The chill of the night is not felt in the study, but the view has a frosty effect, and a chill runs up my spine. I place my mug of warm cider down, and pace over to the crackling fire, and rub my hands to warm them. Then I return to the window and look out again at the never changing vista of the harbor. I am alone, as I always am in the evening, and there is not one person in sight. The silence is wonderful, and the serene evenings are a perfect time to think about the day ... and dream about the next.

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i love this !