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Never Before MAG

By Anonymous

   Never Before

Never before have I circled
the tree like a hungering, ferocious beast,
hailing the throne of my king's undying passion.

Never before have I added
to the fire, fueled by human emotion
drenched in jealous rage.

Never before have I been held
by the depth of water, my arms reaching downward
to the safety of the deep abyss.
Body feverish, melting in the heat
of the sauna inside me.

Never before have I been
so engrossed in the melody of love,
searching the distance
for the fountain of lust, on the map of your body.

Never before have I fought for my survival,
the bed a war zone of my divine devotion.

Never before have I run from the skill
of your sculpturing hand,
your touch, a cold reminder,
of my body locked in a block of ice, hungering for
you to restore warmth.

Never before has my spirit flown through the trees,
Released in the pain of your shearing knife.
In death, I return and watch you dance with the
devil through the waking night.

Banishing me, you have
Gone now to your day,
to lilies in the garden of love,
soon to be wilting under your touch,
knowing that what was never before, never really was.

by K. W., New City, NY

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i love this !