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Someone's Watching Over Me

January 27, 2010
By demiandselenalover2 SILVER, Alliance, Ohio
demiandselenalover2 SILVER, Alliance, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
You know how it hurts when everything falls apart
And it seems like the world is crashing at my feet
You like me the best, when I'm a mess
When I'm my own worst enemy
You make me feel beautiful
When I have nothing left to prove
And I can't imagine

Hilary duff was your school's goody two shoes but what happens when she finds out that someones watching over her.Two months earlier: "Hey Haylie wheres my dress the one thats baby blue and it comes to my knees?" Hilary asked her sister."In the closet in the hall why are you getting so dressed up?"asked Haylie."I'm doing a show tonight then going to diner with friend do you want to come?" asked Hilary.She did want her sister there with her."I cant im going over to Lucy's to run lines tonight," said Haylie."For what movie?"asked Hilary."Fear Island it has a really good story line,"said Haylie."Hey are we still on for that studio sesson tomorrow?"asked Hilary."Oh shoot i forgot i told Adam that I would meet him to discuss the movie sorry Hil,"said Haylie."Thats okay sis i need to leave before I hit traffic see you later,"said Hilary heading out the door.Little did Hilary know that would be the last time she saw her sister.The next thing Hilary knew she was in her dressing room getting ready to call her sister when there was a knock on her door."come in," said Hilary regretting those very words from that day on.Hilary knew something was wrong the minute she saw Lucy her sister's co-star."I'm sorry Hil but your sister Haylie was in a car crash,"said Lucy hating to be the one to tell Hilary the news.The next thing Lucy knew she heard a thud as she saw Hilary faint and fall to the floor.Lucy grabbed Troy Rowland Hilary's best friend and bodygard to move her from the floor to the couch in the dressing room.When Hilary finally woke up she just started crying.When she calmed down she asked Lucy how was she meaning her sister Lucy said,"Sorry but she didn't make it she got done early at my house and she was on her way over here she said that she wanted to see you do your thing,"said Lucy."Its all my falt i told her that me and a bunch of friends was going to go out to eat if she got done to meet us here," said Hilary."Hil its not your falt some stupid person ran a red light and smashed into her"said lucy. "Can i say goodbye one more time?"asked Hilary."Sure,"said Lucy.Hilary and Lucy walked down to the hospital and asked to see Haylie Duff and they let them in.Hilary started to cry the second that she saw her sister."Hey Lucy can I talk to Haylie one last time alone?"asked Hilary."Sure,"said lucy."What happened to you was it my falt i need you sis whos going to tell me my oufit rocks or stinks?"asked Hilary crying.Later that night: Lucy wake up to Hilary screaming for it to be her and that she wished it was her and not Haylie.To Lucy this ment that Hilary needed to go back home get away from Hollywood and all the people in it.She needed to go back to Texas and be with her family but Lucy didnt want Hilary to try something not that she would but you may never know so Lucy went with Hilary.Hilary spent the whole flight ether day dreaming about her sister or crying Lucy didnt know how a girl could go though so much pain and it killed her to see it done to Hilary.Hilary was back in Texas the next day she went home and slept for two days strait.Lucy was talking to Robert ,Hilary and Haylie's dad when she heard Hilary falling on the floor of her room.Lucy and Robert ran to Hilary's room Susan , Hilary's mom told them she was having a nightmare and fell off the bed.Hilary was wide awake by now.Hilary's perants and Lucy went back downstairs to talk."We need to get her help before these dreams cause her pain,"said Robert."Hon dont you think its too late for that plus that might freak her out more we dont want to lost both of our daughters,"said Susan."Well what do you think Lucy?"asked both of the worried people in front of me."I say give it a few more days then bring someone in to just see wheres shes at and not ask her questions just to see if we can do this by ourselfs and if we cant then take her to see someone but untill then someone should always be wilth her so she cant try anything,"said Lucy in one breath.A few days had pasted and Hilary was getting better but she was still bad Lucy ended moving in with the Duff's.Lucy went to check on Hilary when she heard something she couldn't believe."In other news we have discoverd something new in the Haylie Duff case it has been reported that they never found Miss.Duff's body.To her family all I can say I pray she comes home safe," said the girl on the TV."Oh my god Hilary,Susan,Robert I have good news come down here," said Lucy."What is it Lucy?"asked Hilary in a very sad tone."They havent found Haylie's body yet they thought the one they have was Haylie but it turns out she's still out there somewhere,"said Lucy."That is good news,"said Hilary.There was a knock on the door and Lucy prayed that it was Haylie in her head.Lucy saw two officers in front of her and in her head she said No ,No, No this can't happen to Hilary."Is there a Lucy Hale here?"asked the one officer."That is me whats wrong?"asked Lucy."Here," the officer gave me a letter.I opened it right there and then it was from the army my husband has been called to war."What is it Lucy?"asked Hilary.Before Lucy could answer the officer got a call ."Miss im sorry but i've been informed that your husband has----," Lucy interuped him"No, No, No, No. This cant be happening," said Lucy.Lucy fell to the ground and cried.Hilary walked up to her and wispered in her ear,"You were here for me and ill be here for you lets go upstairs and talk." All Lucy could do was nod at Hilary.Lucy and Hilary stayed with each other at all time to help each other out.In the begining Lucy was just as bad as Hilary was but she pulled though thanks to Hilary.Hilary and Lucy got to know each other more then they fimally faced the facts.Haylie was gone and so was Lucy's hubend but they still contue to work hard and soon they were on top.Lucy won the award for Young Artist Award 2008 and Hilary won two awards for Choice Movie Breakout Star 2008 and People's Choice: Favourite International Artist 2008.They decided to got back and give Hollywood a try again they knew how hard the people are going to be on them."Lucy promise me that when we get back to Hollywood we will still find time for each other," said Hilary while packing her stuff."I promise but will you be okay without me there 24/7?" asked Lucy."I think I'll be just fine as long as I can count on you to be there for me," said Hilary."I'll be there FOREVER AND ALWAYS." said Lucy.It has been two months and both Hilary and Lucy has done everything possible so they go back to Texas and have good life but what Hilary found out was that you can't always hope someones going to be there but Tthere will always be SOMEONE WATCHING OVER THEM and Haylie will always be there no matter what but she would only be in her heart.

The author's comments:
I was listening to Hilary duff's Song "Someone's Watching Over Me" when i started to right this

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