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The death of Cody

September 19, 2010
By Caleigh SILVER, Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Caleigh SILVER, Uniontown, Pennsylvania
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One bright and sunny day, Faith Connors and her boyfriend Cody were sitting at home; their daughter Marcel was out on the patio looking at the beautiful city before her; soon, she would be a fully trained runner just like her mother. Marcel’s dark brown hair waved in the breeze, just then a huge police copter saw her; she screamed and ran back inside, Faith and Cody knew exactly what was going on,

Faith picked up Marcel and ran for the door with Cody at her heels. The family ran tried running down the stairs but Cody heard the blue’s already stampeding up the stairs;

“S***, Faith head for the roof top!” Cody yelled out.

Marcel held on frighteningly to her mother’s neck, whimpering in fear; she was only eight and already the blues were after her family, she knew her mother was a wanted suspect and her father too—but still, it was too much for her. Marcel had a theory the blues only wanted her father after her left the blues to be with her mother, but that was just a silly theory.

Faith and Cody raced up the stairs desperate to get away from the blues, Cody kicked the door leading to the roof open then they started running across the building; Cody ended up being behind Faith and Marcel, just then a loud gun shot rang out followed by a loud scream; Faith turned around to see Cody lying down blood poured out of his right knee, she knew they had shot out his knee cap.

“Faith!” Cody screamed. “Run, get Marcel to safety!” he cried out in a strained voice.

“I’m not leaving you!” Faith yelled back.

“Faith just run, I’m finished” Cody replied.

The blues were finally to Cody, and then they began beating him up to a pulp.

Hitting him with the end of their guns, fists, and Billy clubs.

As he is sitting there getting beaten to death and bleeding all over the place; Cody has flashbacks of his family he had just saved.

“I’m not going out this way….” He says to himself. Cody then pulls out a long knife and slashes one of the blue’s throat; the rest of them move in to try to stop him but Cody was too fast for them, he ends up slaughtering them like the pigs they are.

Cody then reaches down and picks up a machine gun, just as he did that a large police copter appears; he notices that they have a turret gun mounted on the copter.

Cody manages to squeeze of one bullet before the turret opens fire; the bullets hit him so hard Cody ends up on the edge of the building.

“Faith……” he chokes out before he falls backwards off the building.

At this time, Faith stops and looks back. She sees all of the dead bloody bodies of the blues then she sees Cody falling off the building, then landing to his death below.

Faith knew at that moment he was gone, she started to sob her heart out; Marcel who always had seen her father fall to his death, tried to run to him but she was stopped by her mother.

Faith nudged her child on; she looked back at the copter that had just claimed her boyfriends life, “I will have my vengeance” she mutters.

"Daddy...." Marcel says mounrfully.

The author's comments:
A Mirror's edge fan fiction.

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