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Harvest Moon ~part 8~

November 6, 2010
By Amer-Nae PLATINUM, Maynard, Arkansas
Amer-Nae PLATINUM, Maynard, Arkansas
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I'd been with the Volturi now for three weeks. Alec and I were together most of the time. The worst part about this is I think that I am getting attached to Alec more than my family would like. Im actusally getting attached to all of them..except Jane. She kept her distance from me and I liked it like that.
"What are you thinking about?" I look up at Alec. We were heading to the same chamber I was in when I arrived. Aro wanted to see me. As we entered the room. It seemed to lighten. Cauis would want to play chess later. I always remeber the moves that grandpa Carlisle would show me..more like cheating. The doors burst open and there was Felix and Demetri were dragging in a newborn. I knew what they looked like. I held my breath. This was not good. Alec put me behind him. Jane appeared by her brother to help guard me. I blinked and stared at her. This was the first time she had done this. She only glances at me. "Please, spare me I didn't mean to hurt that woman." I gasped. That voice. He was human once. His hair use to be white blonde and he had beautiful crystal eyes. I had met him last year when My Family and I went on vaction to London. "Michael?!" My voice was tiny and I moved around Alec. The boy looked at me and his eyes widened and his notrials flared. "Nessie?! What are you doing here?!" I shook my head.

"Who did this to you?" My voice broke and I wanted to run to my friend. I knew that he needed me. Michael frowned. "You say that like it is a bad thing." I was taken back.

"I wouldn't wish this kind of life on anyone. Michael I am so sorry." I moved a step forward and then it happened. Michael lunged for me. Alec had me around the waist and swung me around behind him. My hands clung to the sides of his shirt and I watched as Michael's face twisted into pure pain. Only one thought hit me. Jane. I looked at her and she wore that blank expression on her face. I knew it was her for sure now. She had probably just saved my life. I squeeze my eyes shut. I didn't want to see what would happen next. But, I could hear the ripping and the breaking of bones and flesh......

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