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Alternate Ending to Breaking Dawn (part 2)

November 11, 2010
By TeardropsInApril GOLD, Hillsborough, California
TeardropsInApril GOLD, Hillsborough, California
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I huffed. Then I looked at him. Yeah, let’s do this.

I wasn’t even worried about the part where I get hurt. I was worried about the lies. What if Bella finds out? What would she do? She would certainly try to get back with her precious little parasites again if she found out. Let’s hope she doesn’t find out. It would kill her. And she would basically hit me with a crowbar. Like that would hurt. It would be like throwing a wooden block at a normal human. It’s all like ow, then ten seconds later you forget about it.
“Let’s hope.”
Gee. Too bad Edward can’t read Bella’s thoughts. It would annoy the cr*p out of her then we wouldn’t have to do all this.
“It will work,” Edward whispered. Reassuring himself more than me.
Edward recovered, straightened, then looked at me. “How shall I…”
I rolled my eyes. Cut the polite stuff out. Just ram your marble body into me and break as many bones as you want. They’re all up for sale. Femur, patella, ulna, radius…pick one, any one…
“Jacob, in order to significantly hurt Bella, I would need to do serious damage. More than bones, Jacob. I need to spill blood.”
“Sure, sure.” I mumbled.
The next second happened before I knew it. I was standing twenty feet away from him. But, in that one second he was suddenly beside me. My blood was pouring and my four legs felt like Jell-O.
What? How did you…
Jeez, he was the quickest person alive. Ha. Person.
Then, I howled. The pain hit me like a bullet train. I was overcome with shock. But, I felt my healing sinews start to knead themselves back again. I phased.
“Cr*p, Edward! What the h***? Ow, ow, ow! D***it you bloodsucking leech!” I screeched and let out a string of harmonious swears.
Edward looked a thousand years old again. “Jacob…I am so sorry. I am more sorry than you could imagine, but-”
I let out another rip of angry swear words.
“If it makes Bella stay away form me and the child out, then it is going to be okay.”
“Yeah, okay, if you don’t get your bones broken and blood all over your fur!” I snarled and spat at him.
“I don’t have any fur.”
I rolled my eyes and snarled.
“It’s for Bella.”
Those three simple words made me stop short. I was suddenly self-conscience of my childish swearing. “Yeah,” I mumbled. “All for Bella.”
“I’m going now. I’m going to…” he took a breath. “I’m going to break up with Bella. Jacob, you have to phase back into wolf form please. And, thank you. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.” He turned to go, jogging off into the think forest.
His heart. Why did the d*** bloodsucker always have to say things that don’t apply to him?
I phased back into wolf form, limping towards the Cullen Crypt.
When I got there, Bella was struggling to get up. Her light dusting of hair shadowed her face.
“Edward how could you do that? I have to see him! I have to see him!” Bella was angry, her face showing signs of her obvious distress. She tried to push away from the vampires that were restraining her. I smiled smugly.
She’s starting to kinda hate them. Ah, Sweet success.
Then, Bella looked up.
Her mouth opened with a little pop. “Jake! Jake! No, no no! Are you okay?”
I remembered to pretend to be extremely hurt and completely not on the mend. She tried running to me, but her oversized stomach made her lose her balance. She gasped in pain and clutched her stomach, her face turning white.
All the vampires crowded around her, trying to help her up.
“Get off me!” Her voice was surprisingly stronger now, angry. She reached towards my fur, stroking it, getting blood all over her hands.
“Jake, Jacob, what happened? Did Edward do this?” She crooned.
I whimpered, feigning extreme hurt. She dug her face into my fur and I bumper her head with my nose, inhaling her beautiful human scent. After she was done blubbering into my fur, she glared up at Edward.
“Edward,” her tone was dangerous, almost like an actual bloodsucker’s. “Edward, why did you do this?”
Edward turned to look at her, his face conflicting between his love for her and his desire to have the monster out of her stomach. “He deserved it.” He spit out at me. I cringed theatrically. Of course, Bella took it as me being scared of him.
“Edward how could you?” Bella whispered. Of course every leech in the room heard her. Her eyes burned into Edward’s. Suddenly, she collapsed on me. A small snore leaked from her parted mouth.
Just as suddenly as she collapsed, I was out the door. Somehow, Blondie sent me flying out the door despite me conditions while the others quickly set Bella on the couch. Quickly was an understatement.

I rubbed my healing legs and grimaced. The plan wasn’t going as smoothly as Edward had wanted it to be. But, I found that Edward had back-up plans. I stayed outside, within hearing distance.

“Carlisle, I have to go.”
“Edward…I don’t understand.”
“I can’t be here anymore, Carlisle. I don’t love her anymore.”
The little black-haired leech spoke. “Edward, what are you saying?”
“I can’t be around here anymore. I haven’t been able to…I might as well just say it since we are all here. Tanya from the Denali Clan has convinced me to stay with her coven for the next hundred years. I have to go. Tell Bella…tell Bella that I can’t be with somebody who…”
I heard Edward suck in a sharp breath. “I can’t be with someone who I don’t love.” I shrank; hearing his powerful, hurt words. I could tell that he was beyond tortured insanity. He swept past me, into the forest. His eyes were crazed, not looking at where he was going. Blindly stumbling, not seeing.

Denali Clan? What the cr*p is that? Edward? Hello?

Apparently, he chose to ignore me. I shrugged and let myself into the house again, whimpering. Bella was awake. Blondie hissed at me, crouching into an attack position. I didn’t even flinch.

“No, Rosalie. I need Jacob. We need to let him heal! Carlisle, can you put some bandages or something…” Bella whispered, her lips cracking as she spoke.

“No problem Bella. Jacob, can you come upstairs with me? We…we have to talk.” Carlisle went up the stairs. I followed wordlessly, sneaking a glare at Blondie. Carlisle led me into some sort of weird medical room. He shut the door and latched it tight.

“Jacob, what did Edward do? Why is acting like this? What happened?” Carlisle bustled around the room gathering some equipment, trying to make it seem casual. As if he were asking me what color the sky was.

Gee, doc. I don’t know. Why don’t you ask him?
I waited for a minute. Then I realized that the doctor couldn’t read minds. Oh, right. I huffed impatiently and phased back into human form. He went away for a split second and he was back, carrying jean shorts.
I slid them on and hopped onto the chair-table thing. You know, the place where the kid sits while the doctor gives ‘em a check up.
He cleaned my wounds, patched up my bones, and did other doctor-y stuff while we talked about Edward.
“Yes I really want to know,” Carlisle said after I gave him the option to not hear it.
I sighed. Here goes nothing. “He wanted to intentionally hurt Bella so that she would get rid of the kid inside her, and then he wanted her to go running off with me so that he couldn’t hurt her anymore.” I looked up at the sun.
The sun was frowning.
I suddenly got pleading, realizing that this was the only vamp that could take it out of Bella.
“Carlisle, you have to take the monster out! It’s killing her slowly! She’s dying, Carlisle, don’t you see?”
“Yes, yes. I wanted to take it out a long time ago, but her personal bodyguards did not help. I couldn’t get past them.”
“Them? I though it’s only Blond-I mean, Rosalie.”
“It’s also…Esme.”
Oh the motherly vamp. His wife. Great. That made my day.
“But, they will…let go. Only on certain terms.”
Suddenly I was animated again. “Really? How? Tell me!” I realized I was grasping his arm. Shudder.
“They will stop guarding her if she, herself gives me the…okay to take…it out.”
I laughed. “That’s too easy, doc! I’ll make her say yes! Then you can knock her out with drugs, take the thing out and-”
“Jacob, don’t get too full of yourself. She can always say no after all…”
I hopped off the bench, wincing as my bones ached. “I’ll go tell her right now!” I literally ran down the steps and took her ghostly form into my arms, cradling her.
“Jake! Jake. Oh, Jake…you’re okay. What happened? What-”
“Shh, Bells. Easy there. I’ll tell you later. Right now you have to make a choice, Bella. Do you still want…” I gestured to her stomach.
Her eyes got wide and suddenly she became protective. “Of course I want him! He’s all I have left of him…I love…” She stared at me with confused eyes. “Where’s Edward? Where is he?”
“Bella, don’t freak out or anything. Don’t even try to faint on me.”
She gulped some air noisily. “Okay, tell me. I’m prepared.”
I stared at her, unable to speak. “He left didn’t he? He was mad about all this, right? He left so that he couldn’t hurt me anymore-”
I was seriously really frustrated with her. Did she really think everything he did was right?
“Bella!” My voice was sharp and low. “Bella, I don’t get why you always think he’s some saint! He left you for someone else. Something about a Denali Clan…he said that…he said that he couldn’t be with someone he didn’t love.” The instant I sad those words, I wished I hadn’t. Surprise, hurt, confusion, and disbelief swept across her face in an array of tortured emotions.
“He…he’s going to come back, right? He was just going somewhere for the time being….he will come back….” She whispered, trying to convince herself more than anyone else.
“No, Bella. He won’t. He said he won’t…” I swallowed noisily, given the silence of the room. “He said he won’t come back.”
She gasped and choked, tears quickly staining her shirt. She gulped down on nothing, and gripped my arm as hard as she could. Like she was gripping onto what was left of her life.
I could tell that this hurt her more than anything else in the world.
“Edward…he…what…I…I don’t understand. He’s coming back…he is going to come back.” She looked up at me with pleading eyes. As if it were me not wanting o come back.
“I’m sorry, Bella. He’s not coming back.”
She squeezed her eyes shut and shuddered from head to toe. “No, no, no, no, no!” She screamed and pulled at her hair. She gripped my arm so hard that I was afraid that she would break her hand again. She stared past me, not seeing anything. Not hearing anything. A part of her soul had disappeared with Edward’s.

The author's comments:
This continues right where it left off on part one.

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Ooooh yes I read it, it's genius!! I fell in love with the Harry Potter Continued, I'm a complete Potterhead and I absolubtely loved it!

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Thanks I will! If you like Harry Potter, then check out my Harry Potter Continued on the home page of the Fan Fiction Novels and remember to leave a comment. THANKS :)

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Wow!!!!! I love your writing!! Keep writing!!