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Assassin's Creed Christmas (Sorta) part 3

January 3, 2011
By VampireX GOLD, Spotsylvania, Virginia
VampireX GOLD, Spotsylvania, Virginia
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The name sounded familiar, but I couldn’t think of it now. “Your boyfriend?” I asked, gesturing to the place where he fell. “Ex-,” she said. “Well Ex or no Ex, permit me to walk you home?” I asked. She smiled, “I don’t normally walk home with strange men,” she looked off towards where her boyfriend had stumbled away, “but I’ll make an exception.” I offered my arm and she took it. We walked and talked for what felt like hours, and then she started crying. “What’s wrong?” I asked, scanning the area for that Ex. “N-nothing,” she cried, “I-I just have never felt so happy like this after…dad. He died on this date.” I froze, finally connecting the puzzle. “Louis Francisco.” I whispered. Her head rose weakly, “You knew him?” she asked.

“I’ve heard of him.” I said. And I stabbed him. She nodded, her eyes still full of tears. “Hey,” I said, wrapping an arm around her, “don’t cry, he wouldn’t want that.” She buried her head in my chest, “I know,” she said weakly, “my dad would have said ‘Crying is a weakness, never do it in public!’” I smiled, “Overprotective?” She lifted her head, “He had always been protective. Always said he was getting me ready for something.” I froze mentally, was he training her to be a Templar?

“That’s my house over there.” She said pointing. Of course I didn’t need to tell her I already knew that. She went to the door and hesitated a second before turning towards me. “Would you like to come inside?” she asked. I hesitated, her dad might have useful information lying around, and I did like this girl. “Sure.” I said, smiling. She opened the door and we both walked in. “Mama!” she called. I had to admit, their house was big. Of course it was, nothing cheap for a Templar. Her mother stepped out from the kitchen and spotted me. “Do I know you?” she asked. I shrugged innocently, “I’ve been around town a lot.” She nodded, “Are you going to introduce me?” she asked Charlotte.

The author's comments:
part 3, a little choppy

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