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Magic is Might

February 5, 2011
By RhiaSnape BRONZE, Wien, Other
RhiaSnape BRONZE, Wien, Other
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I went to Snape's office. I didn't really want to, but I had to. I knew the headmaster's office's password, I knew all the passwords of Hogwarts.
"Sit down, Rhiannon", Snape said with his cold voice as I entered his office. I did what he had told me to do.
"Who wanted you to join the Muggle Studies classes the last for years?", he asked me. He spoke very quietly and it made me feel as someone else was in the room.
I didn't answer. I knew I decided it myself.
"Miss Carrow's a better teacher than Mrs Burbage", I replied after some time – sort of defending without my wand, I think.
"Alecto will be happy to hear that", Snape said.
He paused for a while, then he spoke to me again: "Rhiannon Meara ó Faoláin, why didn't you tell me you sometimes meet the Dark Lord?"
"Tommy's a friend of mine", I said. I usually call him Tommy when I don't want to say "Voldemort" to make him appear – it makes him sound sweeter and I'm not the person for giving him names like "You-know-who" or "Dark Lord" – there's only one Dark Lord in the entire world – well, more or less it's a Dark Lady; it's me.
"You can leave, Rhiannon", Snape said.
I looked around the office, just to see if there was someone listening, then I left. I knew, where I had to go now. Quickly I ran to the statue of Gunhilda of Gorsemoore – the first secret passage to come to Hogsmeade I remembered. I took out my wand.
"Dissendium", I whispered.
The ugly witch opened so that I could get to Honeydukes. I went outside, then I disapparated.
I looked around – I was where I wanted to go.
"Undesirable No 1" it said on the newspapers, some busy wizards and witches were there, infront of me I could see the monument where the Fountain of Magical Brethren was before – "Magic is Might" it said and this sentence's meaning was clear and easy to understand.
I went to the toilets – I hated the entrance to my new workplace, we had to flush ourselves to get into the Ministry.
I met Dolores in the elevator, but we didn't talk. I got one of those memos, but I didn't read it and even though it spoke to me, I ignored it.
I went to my office. I was working against the Misuse of Magical Artefacts, but it was not what it was a long time ago. It was an organisation for killing muggles and mudbloods now. Tommy wanted me to work there, maybe there were good reasons for joining the Muggle Studies classes.
I opened the window. I wasn't like all the other Slytherins. When I was sitting in my office, I was working against me, I was working for people who wanted to kill me – I was muggleborn.
I took out my wand and pointed out of the window.
"Morsmordre", I whispered, the Dark Mark appeared on the sky. Someone is dead now – Tommy has killed all my positive fealings. I took out a paper and my quill. I wrote something. I didn't really want to, but I had to.
"Magic is Might."

The author's comments:
That's a homework. We had to write about our life as a wizard/a witch after Lord Voldemort has taken over the Ministry of Magic.

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