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Family or ………!!!!

March 25, 2011
By tahir GOLD, El Cerrito, California
tahir GOLD, El Cerrito, California
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Hi, my name is Sakura Makanaochie I live in Tokyo, china. I’m the third oldest in my family. I have two younger and two older siblings. You probably except me to tell you that my dad is a lawyer and my mom is some social worker or something normal like that. But I’m not going to pretend that I have a normal family or ever had because I don’t. You see my family Is ten times what a normal person would call weird. And before I get into detail of weirdness I would like to talk about myself for a moment.

My name and where I live you already know so let’s not repeat that. I was born on August eighteen and the year was 1562. No I’m just kidding but I was born in the year of the tiger, 1992, and ironically my sigh is tiger or should I say tigress since I am a female. I go to Yogushie Academy for Protégés . This is my first year in since I’ve entered the YAP. The things that separate me from normality are that I’m a speech freak. I understand almost 39 of the languages on earth. And I have the ability to translate them into other languages as in one hour for six pages. I know I sound like a geek but I assure you I am perfectly healthy. I’m not bragging but I am in the academe’s cross training team. How’s that for ten times the weird, and this is just me. and you know I am always getting caught with my head in the clouds I mean like I am always thinking. Such as if I saw a cloud I would think, “What is that a space ship? Or maybe it’s a airplane? No, it’s to little for those things. Maybe it’s a jet? Naha, it’s too fat. Maybe a big huge balloon? Maybe a shuttle with a astronaut from space or maybe a new alien came to ask help of the super elite? No, it’s more likely a Vilene trying to destruct the earth. Maybe he has a personal grudge against us. Maybe a human killed his father or maybe took his parking. Oh could it be he’s here to stop the people on earth from finding any outside aliens? Naha, it’s just a cloud with special magical affects.” know enough about me oh did I say that I am between two pair of twins.

My older sisters, Drama Traumas, no seriously my family really calls them that. My sister are five years older then me and have already graduated from Tokyo Artistic college. The oldest of the two Amber Gosto, she and Cathy the youngest of the drama traumas were named with different last names then me and so were my little brothers, has majored in acting. I think it really surprised us when we say how hard Amber worked to get into the acting program because she never actually cared about anything. But when Cathy got into the same college it was a surprise in a different way because she has always been a role model the perfect older sibling for me and my brothers she always had good grades but never talked about what she wanted to be so when she turned down the doctor scholarship that my dad had wanted her to accept and chose direct ring I really felt that I didn’t know her. Anyway even thought Amber and Cathy were twins they were a different as a frit from a vegetable. They have always had really bad time cooping with each other. For example-

“ What did you say,” said Amber Gosto

“ Nothing, just that you’re a very bad sister along with being a bad actress,” said Cathy Gosto . As she snapped at Amber.

“ what!!!! I know I’ve been a bad sister, all I need to do is look at you to figure that out. But no one I mean no one makes fun of my profession,” Amber growled back.

“ well, well. If it isn’t the high and mighty talk of Miss Amber who for some reason even can’t show up for work on time, for her rehearsals ” Cathy said as she raised her hand up in exasperation.

“ Hey that’s not my fault, it’s the directors fault. Who for some reason decided that we should start the rehearsals at 8 pm!!!!!! And watch it your talking to your older sister.” Amber shouted back.

“ Excuse me that director your talking about is moa. And…

“ Exactly what I mean,” Amber said between Cathy’s sentences. Which made her growl.

“Well what do you suggest ONE-CHAN!!!!,(big sister) THAT I MAKE OTHER PEOPLE STARTR WORK LATE AND GET LESS WORK DONE JUST BECAUSE OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Cathy shouted at the top of her lungs. Which made Amber put her hand on her ears. They are really hard to handle when they are in an explosive mood. Know lets move onto my little brothers.

Know the oldest and the oddest of this pair is jack koange. He is really sweet but he is a really accomplished writer so he moves around the world with my mom to escort him he has private schooling. On my thirteenth birthday he gave me a present and I was like Well what could it be? It looks soo cute from the outside, could it be a silver ring? Or could it be like the house key on a chain like last time. No maybe it’s a little glass sculptures. No that can’t be moneys been to tight for him to even spend one Ryo ,Chinese money, freely. So it’s probably home made. Could it be a wood sculpture? Or is it a tiny race car he found in a chips packet? Or maybe it’s that huge ring that he said he was going to give to utho-Sama, father? Well, that can’t be can it if he was going to give it to utho-Sama then why give it to me? Oh, yea I’m opening it. Hugh, it’s a…a……of …….. His …..DOOOOOGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was soo weird but to make him happy I kept it.

Jack is two years little then me so is Harry. I know weird names again. Anyway Harry is really sweet and innocent. But he is a computer guineas so he pays for himself for most of the time like all of us. But we all have are difficulties and we know we have are parents to fall back on. But even if he is seventeen he is the most independent of us all. One day I caught his talking to the wind ha said “ Hum, maybe I should get rid of it. No I shouldn’t its going to cost me more then I could spare in a time like this to buy a new one. Yea, but I’ve had it for like forever. Yea, but maybe I could sell it for half the price and with that money and what’s left after my medicine and other needs and the house lese I could buy a new one? Yea right did you forget about the advance payment you took from your boss for the loan you had to pay, look like I wont be getting new anything for a while.” I mean like what rent he lived me and Utho-Sama as Amber and Cathy did too. It was sooo weird it got me all warm and melty all inside.

So how do you take that for a weird family. Weird right

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tahir GOLD said...
on Mar. 31 2011 at 10:07 pm
tahir GOLD, El Cerrito, California
17 articles 0 photos 25 comments

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"the beggar can be the king as the king is the beggar"

sorry i'll try to keep it straight . Thanks.

on Mar. 29 2011 at 12:57 pm
Chaday1911 BRONZE, West Point, Mississippi
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Tokyo is in Japan, not China, but other than that it is fine to read.