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Azalea Anrayes

May 25, 2012
By Mercygirl16 PLATINUM, Omaha, Nebraska
Mercygirl16 PLATINUM, Omaha, Nebraska
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Favorite Quote:
"Hope is the ability to hear the music of the future; Faith is the courage to dance to it today."

Hi, my name is Azalea Anrayes. I am 16 years old, I live in the society of Vorania, I attend Vorania High School, and I'm a Beautiful Viewer. I have my own group of BVs that enjoy hanging out with, these BVs include; Gianna Grazianna, Venita Vatrani, Aleyna Atroene, Beatriz Bernovia, Octavia Ordrania, Tony Ray Tereno, and Mercusio Montaguen. We all read poetry, Shakespeare, and we love to reenact plays or make up our own. When I was 12 I had to the "Determination" Test in order to see what "View" I was. I remember the large packet of questions that took like an eternity to answer, I tried to give my best opinion on every answer, i.e. question 7 said, How do you view Faith? I answered, Faith is what you believe i, and also is one of the major things that will keep your soul alive. And I answered the other thousand questions with real deep thought. This luckily helped me on the test, and I was happily determined as a Beautiful Viewer. I was so happy, because being a BV was the coolest thing a kid could be, with their poetry, knee-deep intelligence, and amazing sense of style. And also my mom was a Beautiful Viewer, and so was my older sister
Avvabella. I was excited for the upcoming years. During the time when I was a freshmen @ Vorania High, I wanted to find other BVs to hang out with. The first of my friends I met was Mercusio Montaguen, he was poetic, handsome, charming, sexy and witty. I love listening to him recite poems he has written, and for some reason I enjoy when it's just him and I, this might be because I am attracted to him. And I'm pretty sure he feels the same way, since every time he reads one of his Beauty poems he always comes up to me kisses me on the hand, cheek, or sometimes right smack on the lips, no I'm not kidding sometimes we would have a whole make out session. Some girls might be repulsed by this, but I think it's wonderful. At least I know he has a thing for me. The second person I met was Gianna Grazianna, she was a great artist, she loved to sew and design her own clothing. She always modeled for us her new designs, and I loved when she designed my clothes for me. the third person i met was Venita Vatrani, she was the coolest girl I ever met, she danced and spoke 7 languages, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Japanese, Portuguese, Hebrew, and Greek. She wrote poetry in every language that she knew, they were all beautiful and very moving. The 4th person I met was Aleyna Atroene, she was a writer and journalist, and probably the only blond in our group. She loved writing for the BVs Journal News Story at our school. The 5th person was Beatriz Bernovia, a smart, gorgeous born to be actress, any role you gave her she pulled it off with perfection, and she loved writing and reenacting plays with best friend now boyfriend, Tony Ray Tereno, who I met during the time I met Beatriz. Tony Ray, or T.R as he was called was a born to be actor, he wrote his own plays, and reenacted other pieces of work. The 6th and last person I met was Octavia Ordrania, she was a model, dancer, and an actress, better know as a "Triple Threat." She was beyond gorgeous. We all became friends right away. We all enjoy reading Shakespeare, writing poetry, singing, dancing, acting, and just living life in general. CARPE DIEM!!!!!!

The author's comments:
Azalea Anrayes is a 16 year old Beautiful Viewer living in the Society of Vorania. she loves to sing, write poetry and dancing. She loves to live life. Carpe Diem is what she believes in

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