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A Happy Life

September 3, 2013
By HaliBug PLATINUM, Apopka, Florida
HaliBug PLATINUM, Apopka, Florida
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"Rin! Get the hell out of bed!" a shout was heard from the house. Rin groaned and sat out of bed, sitting up in the bed. He hated these days when he was woken so cruelly. It meant that there was company. It wasn't Yukio that had yelled, it was Suguro, the visitor. Along with other guests that had happened to be visiting.

Rin stood and walked towards the door. He caught a glimpse of himself in the full-sized mirror that Yukio hung on the wall. He frowned at the largeness of his stomach. It had become so enlarged in the past few months, he couldn't even wear his normal clothing.

The raven haired demon walked downstairs with a tail laying limp behind him. Lately he had hardly been able to get excited, thus his tail hardly ever wagging. He had walked downstairs and saw everyone there.

Shiemi, Suguro, Shima, Konekomaru, Kamiki, and Shura had all come to visit him. He hadn't been staying at the abandoned dorms lately, staying at the monastery where he had spent fifteen years of his life.

"Rin, how is the baby?" Shiemi asked, placing a hand on Rin's stomach with a smile. She had been supportive of Rin's pregnancy ever since she found out. They all knew he was a demon, and Mephisto had explained it as him being a demon, and that was the reason he could get pregnant.

Mephisto explained that the Father of the child wasn't something that could be identified. He said, while it was true that demons reproduced the same way humans did, there were some rare unexplained cases where the demons would randomly come up pregnant.

"Mm," Rin grumbled. He didn't say much, and he felt bad, knowing the look in Shiemi's eyes were hurt, though she was suppressing it.

"I apologize for Nii-san. He's just tired," Yukio apologized. He served tea and told me to sit down with the others while he did so. Ever since Rin got pregnant, he had been spending most of his time sitting in a chair in the dining room with a pillow underneath his ass.

"Do you really need that thing?" Suguro asked. Ah, the one who wasn't afraid to speak his mind like the others, besides Kamiki and Shura, were.

"Mhm," Rin grumbled more.

"What does that even mean?" the multi hair colored teen frowned, furrowing his brows.

"Nii-san has hemorrhoids," Yukio said bluntly as he served tea. Rin stayed quiet. "The closer he gets to his due date, the less he talks," the younger twin added with a sigh.

"Do you know what could be wrong?" Shiemi asked, always the worried one.

"I think it may just be an early case of postpartum depression," Yukio said. "It's when the Mother of the child detaches herself, or in this case, himself, from the infant. It's fairly common with his age and all the changes," he explained further.

"Has he decided what he's doing?" Shura asked in such a serious tone, it was almost frightening. Yukio was almost afraid to answer her, especially since he did know what Rin had decided.

"He's giving the child up for adoption," Yukio said, his voice trembling ever so slightly. The others looked down in their laps in what was pity and sympathy, before a rasped voice broke their silence.

"Don't talk about me like I'm not here," Rin said, his voice cracking a bit. Everyone turned their attention to him. It had been the first time he had actually spoke since he had left his room.

"Sorry, Rin," Shura apologized. Others let out their own apologies as well. With effort, Rin got out of his chair and lead his nine month pregnant stomach to he stairs.

"Where are you going?" Yukio asked, being over protective.

"To bed," Rin said. He managed a step before he fell to the ground, holding his stomach in his hands. "Ah!" he shouted out. Yukio quickly ran to him, feeling around on Rin's stomach.

"Rin, do you feel any pain?" Yukio asked.

"No, I just shouted like that because I was excited," Rin said sarcastically, rolling his eyes. Yukio sighed a bit, though seemed relieved.

"You really are yourself," he told himself softly. Yukio then helped Rin to stand and looked around the room. "Alright, Nii-san, I want you to lay on the sofa," the younger brother ordered as he helped to lay Rin on the sofa. When Rin laid, he began to groan again.

"Listen up, everyone. Judging by Rin's groans, this is going to be a quick birth. I need all of your cooperation. Shiemi, please get me some anesthetic and disinfectant. Kamiki, towels, Konekomaru, hot water. Suguro, Shima, hold onto Rin's hands and keep him calm. Well, as calm as possible," Yukio chuckled a bit at the last part before he grabbed a medical kit he kept from the academy. It had a few things he could use in there.

Rin panted and sweat as the others were quick to work on him. Suguro and Shima did their best to calm him by saying confident saying to him, but he retorted with yelling at them to shut up every five minutes. Finally, Yukio managed to give Rin an anesthetic, and the boy was out cold.

"It's a boy," Yukio said, retrieving the child and laying him in a towel after taking care of the umbilical cord. He looked to Rin's stomach once more before his eyes widened. "We're not done here," he added, taking care of another infant. "Another boy. Twins," he said with shock.

The others looked to see the babies and when they were wrapped in blankets and clean, the others had to coo over them. Yukio took care of Rin who had to recover from the cesarean operation.

They were twins, two boys. Yukio had noticed neither of them cried out, nor opened their eyes. Though, they were still breathing. He had noticed the small tufts of hair on each of their heads. One was dark brown, the other was a dirty blonde. Neither of them had Rin's raven hair.

When the older twin awoke from his operation, he looked around the room. He had expected his stomach to be flat. He had expected to not have any trace of infant inside of him, if the infant was given away, that is. He looked around, even though his stomach was still enlarged, he walked around the room to find the others.

"Yukio?" Rin asked quietly. He walked to the dining table to see Shiemi holding a small blue bundle in her arms, and Yukio holding another in his. Everyone was looking at the infants and cooing to them, saying they looked just like their Mother. When Rin had spoken, everyone turned to him with wide eyes.

"Rin, you're awake," Yukio smiled. "Would you like to meet your sons?" he asked. Rin stopped his thoughts.

"Sons?" he asked in shock.

"Yes, you had twins," Yukio said. He held out one of the twins for Rin to see, though the Mother..Father...person did not make any move to hold it.

"Twins..just like us," Rin said softly. Yukio nodded. Shiemi held out the other twin to show to Rin. He watched them for a moment, and the others saw his eyes growing glassy before he left the room and went to his own bed.

"I don't think he's too happy about saying goodbye," Yukio said with a sigh.

"No one is happy about saying goodbye to their children," Shiemi said softly. She stroked the blonde hair of the child that she was holding as he began to fuss and cry. "Sh, sh, little one," she tried to calm.

"It seems that the children want their Mother," Yukio said as the infant in his arms began to fuss as well. "I'm sure they'll adapt to their adoptive Mother and Father after they've spent some time with them," he added. The teen began to heat two bottles of formula for the children.

"Is there any chance that either of them are demons?" Shiemi asked. "Like Rin?"

"When we found out that Nii-san was pregnant, sir Pheles helped us to seal one of the child's possible powers. Now that there are two, we'll have to see if he has any powers as well. From what I can tell so far, he does not. The previous Paladin, my Father, said that when he found Nii-san and I, Rin was covered in blue flames and I was not. It seems as though the children with the powers would have the flames, and neither of them do. Sir Pheles said it is rare for the children birthed by a demon to be born human, though he also said it is rare for there to be multiples as well. It seems Nii-san has birthed two human children," Yukio explained.

"I'm glad. Maybe they can have a completely normal life," Shiemi said, stroking the baby's cheeks.

"They only will if they go to another family. Nii-san knows this, and he's prepared for it," Yukio said.

"He's afraid that if he bonds with them, it'll be harder to let go.." Suguro trailed off. Everyone else nodded in agreement.

"Do the parents know about the situation?" Shima asked.

"They know that Nii-san is a demon, though not that he is the son of Satan. The man is an exorcist, and the woman has already had a spirit wound when she first met her husband. I'm sure they'll be surprised when they find out they have twins, though," Yukio gave a soft chuckle, though it was forced.

"Nii-san, the adoptive parents are here. Do you want to say goodbye to the babies?" Yukio asked. Everyone else was still downstairs, speaking with the adopting couple while holding the babies. Yukio wasn't surprised when Rin gave a nod. He walked downstairs with the others.

He held out his arms to Shiemi and Kamiki who were holding the babies. When they were handed to him, he held them close as he sat on the sofa.

"My babies," Rin said softly. His voice broke and the tears ran down his cheeks. "My babies, my babies," he continued to repeat. Everyone else couldn't help but feel sympathy for the demon. "I love you so much, but you'll be better off with them," he said.

The woman was named Helen Rose. She had long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Her husband was Robert Rose, who had raven hair with dark brown eyes. Both of the infants opened their eyes while Rin held them. Their eyes were the same dark blue color that Rin held in his own orbs. The adopting couple looked as if they had seen such a sight before. They looked to each other while Rin continued to cry.

"Nii-san, it's time to let go," Yukio said. He took one of the children out of Rin's hold and the demon's crying increased. No one of the cram school had ever seen Rin cry like this. Never. It was a sight to behold, though they knew they could never mention this again. Rin would already be taunted by the memory of him giving away two valuable lives he created.

"What are you going to name them?" Rin asked when he had finally calmed enough to ask. The other baby was taken out of his arms and both children were placed in Helen and Robert's arms.

"We have decided on the name Andrew for our son, though now we have two. We will name the younger of the two, Alex," Helen said with a soft smile. "You've done a wonderful thing, Rin. You've brought us children we cannot have on our own, and we could never thank you enough,"

"The younger one is the one with the birth mark on his lower back," Yukio informed them.

"You...you'll take care of them, right?" Rin asked. The couple nodded. "Alright..make sure that they don't stay in a dirty diaper for too long, and don't forget to feed them every two hours. Don't let them wander off, and make sure that they don't get into fights, or let any wounds go without treatment," Rin said. The others had never seen him so...responsible before. He could have truly raised them with help if he had the help, though he didn't, and they all knew that.

The members of the cram school would have been glad to help Rin with raising the children. Though, they had their own classes to get to, and they couldn't help with money since they didn't have any. The only one of them that did have enough money was Kamiki, and she couldn't possibly tell her parents that she wanted to help the son of Satan raise his children.

Soon enough, the couple had left with their two new additions and Rin had sat on the couch not to be moved. The others had a cup of tea, and Kamiki had to leave with Shima and Suguro. Shiemi had to go not long after since it was getting late, though Shura stayed. She figured that Rin would need more comfort than Yukio could give.

Rin couldn't help but know that after the children were gone, they weren't his anymore. He stayed on the sofa, where he had given birth to two infants not many hours before. Not even a day ago. He was a parent, and he cast away his duties to take care of infants. If his Father could do it, for children that weren't even his, then sure enough, Rin could do it! They were his own children, why wasn't he taking responsibility for them? Soon enough, Rin realized he gave his children the best thing that they could have.

Two parents, a Mother and a Father, and a happy life away from demons.

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