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Just a Dream

September 11, 2013
By HaliBug PLATINUM, Apopka, Florida
HaliBug PLATINUM, Apopka, Florida
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"Yukio, you going to see Rin again?" Kyodo asked. The teen gave a nod. "Tell him I said hi," the man requested. Yukio couldn't refused.

Yukio was almost sixteen years old. It was December, his birth month, and he was currently going to see his twin brother. Yukio had dark brown hair and teal eyes that were covered by black framed glasses. His skin looked even paler now that it was snowing, and this caused his three moles to become more noticeable.

The teen walked into the hospital and greeted the nurses. He walked to the hospital room, not needing to be shown. He had memorized it the first time he visited. He walked into the room to see his twin laying in the hospital bed, a tube in his throat, still hooked to heart monitors and ventilators.

Rin Okumura had been in a coma for four months. It had happened the day Yukio left to go to the academy he was excepted into. Rin had gotten into yet another fight with a kid that was going to the same school as Yukio. Yukio stroked the burn mark on Rin's cheek softly.

They didn't exactly know what happened. Though, they did know that Rin had gone into shock, and eventually fell into a coma. Their Father couldn't pry himself away from Rin for such a long time, though he did have to return to work. Ever since, everyone's been taking shifts staying with Rin, longing for the moment he would finally wake.

"You alright?" a voice appeared from the corner of the room. Yukio turned to see Maruta in the corner. He was a clergyman who worked in the monastery with his Father. It had been his turn before Yukio came to see him.

"Yes, I'm fine," Yukio said softly. "I wish he'd wake up," he added.

"All of us do," Maruta said. He walked over and placed a hand on Yukio's shoulder. "I'm sure he knows you're here for him," the man added. Yukio gave a slight nod and Maruta left the room to return to his work. Yukio sat in the chair next to him before his cell phone began to vibrate. He always kept it on vibrate whenever he visited his brother.

"Hello?" Yukio asked as he answered it. He listened for a moment. "Oh, Shiemi. Yes, I was just visiting my brother. Would you like to come see him? I'm sure he would appreciate the visitors," Yukio said. Everyone told themselves how Rin would feel, though in truth they wouldn't really know.

"Come on, old man, it's not that big of a deal!" Rin would exclaim once he woke. He would be his old self once more, and everyone would be more than glad to have him back.

"I'll see you in a few minutes then," Yukio said before hanging up. He smiled softly at his brother. "It's almost our birthday, Rin. I can't celebrate it without you," he said quietly. Not too long after, a girl came to see Yukio who had stood on the outside of Rin's hospital room.

"I'm here, Yuki," the girl smiled. She had short blonde hair and emerald eyes. She wore a white blouse and a short pink skirt.

"I'm glad. I'm sure my brother would appreciate it," Yukio said. The girl, Shiemi, had never met Yukio's brother, though had heard him mention that he had a twin. Rin was already in a coma by the time Yukio met her. He lead her in and she walked over to the hospital bed.

Rin was paler than he had ever been, which made the burn scar more prominent. It had been months since the scar had healed, though. Shiemi gently ran her hands through Rin's raven hair that had become shaggy during his time in the hospital.

"He's your twin?" Shiemi asked. Yukio gave a nod. "I see the resemblance," she said with a soft smile. The girl rand her hand over Rin's scar for a moment. "This is what you meant by a burn," she said to herself. Yukio heard and nodded.

"Maybe the others can visit tomorrow. We're on break for a while, anyway," Shiemi suggested.

"I think that would be nice. I have some free time tomorrow, I think Father will come too," Yukio said. Shiemi gave a nod. They watched Rin in silence for a long while.

"Rin, Kyodo says hi," Yukio said softly. He didn't expect an answer from the comatose boy. "And Father wants you to wake up so we can have all sorts of delicious food again," Shiemi only watched Yukio talk to the boy who couldn't understand what he was saying.

"Can he hear you?" Shiemi asked.

"In some cases, no, but in others it's possible. It could even be possible that he is existing outside of his body within his own mind. He could have his own little world in there," Yukio explained.

"That's amazing," Shiemi said with wonder.

"It really is. I just hope if he does have his own little world, it's a good one," Yukio said softly.

The author's comments:
This is actually just the beginning, I have seventeen more chapters on Fanfiction.net until AwesomatoligicalHaliBug

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