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Harry Potter and the Forbidden Love

May 13, 2016
By xxdaisy123xx BRONZE, Longmont, Colorado
xxdaisy123xx BRONZE, Longmont, Colorado
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As the new group of wizards and witches head to the sorting ceremony, eye contact is made between a returner and a newbie. It’s him. As every new wizard or witch is announced, the sorting hat places them into their new home. Their new friends and family. It’s her turn.

“Alyssa V…” Madam Professor Minerva McGonagall seem surprised. Alyssa knew it was her. She stepped up and sat on the chair. The hat was placed upon her long black hair.

“Ah Alyssa..” Began the Sorting Hat.

“Please don’t say it” Begged the young teenage girl.

“Ashamed of your family are we?”

“Please don’t say it” kept whispering Alyssa under her breath. “Please”

“Hm I see a dark past… Where should you belong?”

What seemed like hours of silence, Alyssa’s sweat starting dripping. Begging and whispering that her name be not revealed.

“Slytherin!!!” Announced the hat.

A sigh of relief excelled from Alyssa. She’s still the unknown girl. No one knew where she came from. No one knew who her family was. As she stepped down the chair, she noticed a rather familiar face, Harry Potter. The eye contact didn't break as she went to her seat.

“Harry. Harry!!” Hermione waved at him to get his attention. “Who are you looking at?”

“Who is she?” He finally asked, with slight excitement in his voice.

“The girl with the long black hair? Red plumped lips?” She asked as Harry nodded to every question. “No one actually knows. They say her family is so shameful, she sometimes refuses to even mention them.”

“Why do you ask, Harry?” The ginger headed sitting in front of him asked.

“No reason, Ron. She’s just…. Nevermind. How was your summer?

With this thought in mind, Harry returned his attention to her. Every field practice, every dark magic class, she was always number one. Harry was always right behind her. She had something that always attracted Harry. Not her looks, not her intelligence. Something, but what? Her radiant blue eyes always flashed at him and he fell deeper and deeper.
To Alyssa, Harry was nothing but another boy, the boy who tried to kill her father, the one who she had alway hated. She always tried to be better than him, everything he was good at, she would tried to be better. This wasn’t about wheather he was Gryffindor and she was Slytherin, this was always about her almost losing her father because of him.
Halloween, the time of the year every witch and wizard can show off their powers to the whole school. No rules, no regulations, no punishments, just fun.

“Ron! Hermione!” Harry ran up to his friends with such joy and excitement “The fall ball!”

“What about the fall ball, Harry?” Ron asked with his tiresome expression. “Harry, instead of yapping about the ball, help us hang the lights.”

“I know who I’m going to ask!”

“Harry, calm down” Hermione ordered. “Now that you’re calm who is the lucky girl going with Mr. Potter this year?”

“Alyssa!” Harry said calmly with mad, puppy dog eyes.

“ALYSSA?!” Ron and Hermione shouted in confusion. “Why her?!” They asked together in sync. Turning to each other “Stop copying me!”.

Lifting up her up her wand, Hermione puts a spell on Ron, “Stupefy!” Ron slowly but surely falls to the ground. “Now that the slow one is down, why Alyssa?”

“She just has something about her… Something that attracts me. She’s so unique. So …”

“So beautiful?” Hermione interrupts.

“Aside from beauty, Hermione. She’s… special.”

“Do you love her, Harry?” As Hermione asks the big question, the idiot ginger on the ground finally regains consciousness.

“What the bloody hell was that?!” He asks in confusion.

“You wouldn’t shut up.” Hermione walks away with a snob attitude.

‘Do you love her?’ was the one question going through Harry’s head. “I don’t know…” He silently whisper.

“Alyssa!” yelled out one of the slytherin’s current resident. When Alyssa is reached, they spill the news, “Did you hear?!”

“Hear what?” Alyssa scoffed

“Harry Potter might ask you to the Fall Ball!” As the girl said this she lowered her voice, “Wait… Isn’t he Gryffindor? Why would he be asking someone from this house to the dance? We’re too good for him. You better say no.”

“And who are YOU to tell me what to do?” Alyssa sneered. “I don’t remember asking for you opinion.” And with that, she left. This was Alyssa’s chance to get near Harry and finally cause him the pain he caused her. “I will win.”

The day before the Fall Ball, Harry had still not gotten the courage to ask Alyssa. All she was waiting for was his proposal, and she would be so close. She was in the courtyard reading a book and he was admiring her beauty from the hall.

“Harry!” A voice from afar yelled.

He sharply turned to look at the person yelling to him. When he returned his sight back to the beautiful girl, she had looked up to stare at him, he notices her and quickly turned around as she waved at him. Flattered by her eyes, he turned around again and she was gone.

“Harry, why don’t you answer?” Asked the unknown voice.

“What is it, Hermione?”

“Have you asked her yet? You literally have one day.”

“I know… I will soon… I hope.” He said looking down in disappointment. “But  anyways, who are you going with?

“Take a wild guess” she said, rolling her eyes. “Literally stuck with him, AGAIN. Just like every year.”

“Why don’t you go with someone else?”

“Because no one asks me and he’s the only one who’s ever free” Turning her attention elsewhere, she returns to yell. “Wiesely! You better match my dress and not wear that hideous dress your mom sent you 3 years ago!” and with that she was gone again.

Harry smiles as he notices a note. He walks over to pick it, and when he opens it, the biggest smile appears upon his face, ‘Yes. I’ll go with you. -Alyssa*’

At the bottom of the stairs, the entrance of the ballroom, Harry awaits his beautiful date. There he stands in black tux with blue tie to match her beautiful, piercing blue eyes. When he looked up to search for her, she appeared. And as if she read her mind, she wore a blue dress with rhinestones hugging her waist, her hair was pinned to the side.

“Woah” Harry unexpectedly said.

Giggling, Alyssa looked down, “What?”

“You’re beautiful…” Harry said, “I mean… You look great”

“Thanks, I'm sorry, I’m Alyssa, I don’t think we properly met.” She giggled, extending her arm. “I know who you are, no need for introduction.” She held her arm out to hold his. They walked inside. And the party began.

Moments before the party was over, Alyssa could feel something she has never felt before, something other than hatred… What was it, Alyssa? The room became dark all of a sudden, screams cover the room.


Alyssa recognized that voice.

“No” She whispered to herself. Letting go of Harry’s hand, she ran off. “I’m sorry, Harry. I’ll be back.”

When the lights were finally turned on, Harry knew who it was, “Voldemort!”

Spells were thrown left and right, Hermione and Ron tried to help, but Harry sent them to get the students out. To make sure everyone was okay.

Out of nowhere, “Expelliarmus!” Disarming both Harry and Voldemort. “Stop it, father.” The voice said.

“Alyssa, what are you doing with this demented child? I taught you better than that!” Voldemort said.

“... Your… Father?!” Harry asked in confusion.

“Father, I cannot explain why… But please stop this. You battle is over with him. Father, I like him”

Both shocked, they surrendered their anger.

“You, filthy, disgusting pig. How do you feel about my baby?” Voldemort asked, pointing at Harry.

“Strangely… I still really like her”

“Than I will hold my fight with you, but you hurt my baby and you’re dealing with me.”

The author's comments:

I've been really into the Harry Potter series, so I asked myself, what if there was a story where the both had something in common, such as, love? 

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