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November 28, 2020
By Anonymous

A lush forest of bright greens and diverse animals lay in perfect harmony, a lion laying peacefully, purring, a fawn bounding right up to him. There were a hundered trees each bearing a delicious fruit or beautiful flower and thousands of berrys, perpetually ripe. Feilds of wheat stretched out in several meadows, and cows and goats lay happily chewing their cuds. But off to the left the bright greens got darker and a storm seemed to revolve arround a great, forbidding tree, with 2 bright red fruits, perfectly round like an orange but red like an apple and juicyly soft like a strawberry. It was the only beautiful thing there. A massive anaconda was drapped on a branch, hissing in tantalizing whispers to an ethnically jewish brown haired woman in a dress made of thick, durable leaves. On the other side of the forest, in a bright happy meadow lay a man, happily petting a sharp toothed wolf who was happily licking him and wagging his tail like a puppy, whining when the petting slowed. The woman ran into the clearing, a great smile on her face, but her childish innocence gone, replaced by a deep wisdom. The snake was draped across her sholders, smiling maliciously, and as they walked past the forest darkened, fruit withered, and animals turned feral. In one hand she held one of the fruits, a bite taken out of it, and in the other she held a fruit shining and flawless.

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on Aug. 29 at 12:02 am
SparrowSun ELITE, X, Vermont
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Favorite Quote:
"It Will Be Good." (complicated semi-spiritual emotional story.)
And the words I say most often: "Where was I?"
"I just switched 50 things to anonymus and it doesnt even make a diff- why was i writing this again? where was i? hm.... oh well."

yeah... shoot was that not obvios?

Lydiaq DIAMOND said...
on Aug. 28 at 9:28 am
Lydiaq DIAMOND, Somonauk, Illinois
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"I'd rather be a forest than a street.
If I only could, I surely would.
I'd rather feel the earth beneath my feet."

It's the Garden of Eden