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April 12, 2021
By Anonymous


       It was a bright day in New York and I was with my dad. It brought your daughter to work day in the office. I am not sure what Dad does but I knew he works on a very high level of a tall narrow building. I felt like this is going to be my day because there was a cool feeling in the air. Well, I was very wrong about that.

    It was about lunchtime and my dad was in a meeting. I was going to the cafeteria so I could go get some lunch and that is when it hit.  I saw a wing of a plane scoop someone up and they were launched out of the building. I did not realize it at the time but I was crying. I ran for the stairs as a gap, a huge one too flowed into the building. I could see the bottom floor.

    I rushed into the stairwell with hundreds, maybe thousands more. We were like the water droplets in a rushing river. It was boiling. I could barely breathe with all the smoke. I got pushed out of the stairwell on the second floor. Glass was melting off the walls. I could not go back into the stairwell. I could not hesitate. I was running out of time.

  I jumped. I jumped off onto the first story. I rolled into the concrete. I felt a sharp pain in my right leg. I could feel every bone crumble and fall. Someone came helped me up and I passed out in the back of an ambulance.

     A few months later I was out of the hospital, My leg hurt, and my right side was badly bruised. Sadly there was a hole in my heart my dad had passed away in the crashing building. The crash was not accidental it was a terrorist attack, later called 9-11.

The author's comments:

Historical Fiction is my favorite genre of writing. i love to read and write it. This is one of my best  Historical peices I have written.

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