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The Holocaust Re-imagined

April 28, 2021
By Anonymous

My father Aldolf Hitler asked me to scope out Sighet, which is the home to Jewish people. Sighet is a town where Jewish people live. It looks gloomy, depressed, but I see people trying to make the most of what they got. The houses look like they're on their last leg, made out of moldy brick and covered in vines, and it looks like their house windows are made out of charred bars almost like ash, I’m pretty sure if you touch it, it will fall apart, but as I look around I notice that they have very few stores but just enough for the essentials. 

Everybody looks friendly and at peace, so I don’t know why my father is looking into them. He never specified but I hope it’s nothing bad because he always looks down on Jewish people and says they are beneath us, and every time I ask he’ll always tell me to stay in a child’s place. 

But anyway, my name is Roluf Hitler and I'm the 15 year old daughter of Adolf Hitler who is a general chief for the German army. I have brown eyes, blonde hair with brown streaks in them, which I inherited from my mom.

I arrived back home after spending a few months in Sighet, I really wanted to stay because when I was there I met somebody who understands me, even though I've known him for a few months, I feel like I’ve known him forever but I know I would eventually have to come home.

I come home to my dad gone, and I’m starting to get really suspicious because he always gives me and my mom orders but is always gone when we are finished with them, I need to figure out some answers so I will go to his office at Germany’s government building.

At his office, I found a piece of mail from the government. It says he broke the treaty of Versailles, oh my god, what is my dad doing? I need to tell my mom.

I walked out of my dad's office, ran home, and upstairs to the study where my mom was all the time.

Boom! I burst the door open. “Mom!”

She looked up at me startled ”Mhm, yes Roluf?”

“I think dad is up to something, something bad. I’ve found this letter that says he broke some type of treaty,” she takes it from me and reads it over.

“I’m about to call your father, because he can get into serious trouble,” she seethed.

“Mom, no.”

“Yes, and that's final!” She screamed.

She then proceeds to notify my father. While she does, I decided to go ask around to find out more information and find a way back to Sighet.

I have been asking around for an hour and nobody knows what my father is up to, to be honest, they look afraid. I need to head back to his office and find some more information.

I’m back in his office and I haven’t found anything until I came across a red folder. It revealed a black and grey secret map. I was reading it until I heard keys jingling, I didn’t have anywhere to hide so I shoved the map in my jacket pocket, and I heard a click; the door opened revealing guards. I already knew I was about to get in trouble.

After the incident of getting caught by the soldiers, my father made me stay in my bedroom, and he left again. That came as a complete shock knowing he usually would have locked me in our basement without food and water for at least two days. But I finally got a chance to read through the folder. It was planned to put the Jewish people into concentration camps and make them suffer. It’s been a few weeks and the war was coming to a close. I heard bells ringing, so I went outside to see the commotion; I saw one big navy blue ship being docked at the docks and everybody was gathering around to see what it was. The door opened revealing very skinny and dead like Jewish people, and that's when I knew that the U.S had defeated my father. I began looking around for Eli, after a while I didn’t see him. I lost hope, I turned around beginning to walk back home until I heard.


It sounded dead and tired, but to me, it was familiar. I turn to see Eli. He looked dead like with his eyes protruding into his head, his ribs were showing, and he wore tattered clothing, but I didn’t care. I loved him and we will live happily together.

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