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Luna's Diary Part 1

October 19, 2009
By AlexHeller DIAMOND, San Mateo, California
AlexHeller DIAMOND, San Mateo, California
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April 24 1325
Dear Diary,

Okay look, I never wanted to be a princess in fact, it is definitely the worst possib probably the most boring thing you could ever imagine, but that is entirely beside the point. I feel that it has all gotten completely out of hand! I mean really, it has been happening more and more often! You would think they live here! My mother, Queen Elizabeth, has recently been asking me to wear my most beautiful gowns and to bring all of the princes and dukes and “your majesties” roses plucked from the Royal Garden. She also has me wear all the sparkly jewelry I own just while I embroider! That is practically all I ever get to do! I am 13 years of age and only allowed to sew, embroider, write in this stup diary, and pick flowers in the horri Royal Garden!
April 25 1325
I only get to write when my tutor is at the castle, and since my tutor is only present at the castle every 2 days for 3 days week, I have to say goodbye to my diary every few days and check to make sure that none have opened it when it is returned to me. I have no real way of knowing whether or not someone has picked the lock and then simply locked it back up again, but Kye, the blacksmith’s son, promised me that this lock’s grasp on my diary’s pages would never cease or weaken. It would have a permanent hold on my secrets which, only with the key, would be released for eager eyes like my father’s to devour. I had our Royal Lock-picker try to pick the lock, but he failed to accomplish this task and was sent to the dungeon.
I ran down to the Royal Treasury right after that, and stole a solid gold brick the size of my forearm. I gave it to Kye and his eyes almost popped right out of his head. He told me that this was much more material than necessary, but then I told him that he could keep whatever he didn’t use. He agreed without any further discussion on the subject, and then turned his back on me and began to weld. I only barely heard him mutter “Royals, go figure…”After all, he needed only to carve a lock and a key. I also brought him some tiny rubies for him to stud the key and lock with. His eyes popped out even wider when he saw the rubies, it was quite a site. I wonder what would have happened if I brought that diamond the size of a potato...
Anyway, he engraved what I think are supposed to be words, on the back of both my lock and key. He engraved: “ky n Luna 4evr” well! I can’t make any sense out of what he wrote in his horrible handwriting, but I think I see my name in there somewhere, Luna. I love my name! My parents gave it to me because I was born under the moon and the stars, and because my skin is only slightly darker and less luminescent than the moon. But that is beside the point! I am digressing from the topic at hand…where was I…I was…I...oh that’s right! You would think peasants never learned to write! I cannot imagine what it would be like to not know how to read or write. All I know is that it is a positively dreadful thought!
April 26 1325
When my father King Edward IV does not have me locked up in my own personal prison, nailed to the Royal Chambers, he has me picking violets for Violet! (Dear Diary, please forgive my horrid handwriting. I apologize for my harsh scribbling and over usage of ink, after all, I only have one diary and one bottle of ink left my stupid father mumble mumble mumble confiscating my ink) I do not wish to be rude to my sister Violet, for she is one of my favorite sisters and I love her very much, but sometimes I just wish I could venture off to the faraway lands my tutor speaks of, where I would be free of my father, and my duty to the throne. Not that I actually ever would get the chance to be queen of England! I mean honestly, with eleven other siblings 7 of which are boys, and 5 of which are girls, I would never even be considered for the throne! The first born son, my brother, the Prince of Whales, was given his title at age 7 and has been
The youngest daughter (me, Luna) as well as any of the other girls in the family always get married off to some prince or duke of another kingdom! Why, even my sister Azalea was married to the duke of Buckingham Palace last Summer! Camille and Sapphire are next to be betrothed, and they are both 15 years old! I should have at least two more years before the palace is swarmed with suitors! I need to think of a plan, and fast, if I wish to escape all of this!
April 29 1325
Oh Diary! I still haven’t come up with a plan, but I am hoping that by writing down all my thoughts, I might think of something. Tomorrow is my birthday, so soon I will be 14 and that just brings me closed to…to...oh, I cannot even mention it! It is all just too terrible! I only have one idea so far and it doesn’t seem very possible. Partly because I am such a coward and partly because I don’t think I would last very long outside of the palace walls. If you haven’t guessed by now, my plan is to run away, far, FAR away where no one I know will ever find me. I like this plan, but it would only succeed if I could have a royal escort to escort me there, and if I want nobody to find me, then I cannot have an escort.
I’m sure that if I asked any three of my favorite brothers, they would escort me, but Edward V would surely tell father where I am, Henry, would wander aimlessly through the castle just trying to find me so that he could escort me to no doubt, would get lost, and Marcus would want to stay with me, (which does not really help the “no one knows where I am” situation) for he hates palace life as much as I do. Although Marcus is not actually my blood brother, he did belong to a somewhat royal family long ago. His parents dropped him off on our doorstep, or so I was told… He is a year older than me (he is 14), so I do not know exactly what happened that night, but all I know is that I am not actually related to him.
April 30 1325

MY FATHER WILL REGRET THE DAY HE WAS BORN! HE JUST TOLD ME AT NONES THAT I AM TO BE MARRIED TO THE PRINCE OF KNOLE IN JUST 2 DAYS! THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! I asked my tutor about Knole Castle, and it definetly where I NOT want to live! It has 365 rooms (for each day of the year) 52 staircases (weeks in a year)and 7 courts (days of the week).(once again Diary, I apologize that I have resorted to writing in such a horrid manner, but Urgh! My father can be sooo…sooo…I had better not say, for I do not wish to taint your beautiful pages dear diary) The Prince is a horrible self-centered swine! I would not marry him even if my father was dangling above a boiling caldron! Although, that is a nice thought… hehehe..
April 31 1325
Okay, that is it! That is the last straw! I have decided what I will do. I will run away, FAR away. I have not decided exactly where I am going, but it must be somewhere nobody will ever find me. And what a better place to hide, than right under their noses? I only know of a few places outside of the castle, here are some of my options: Windsor, Eton Wick, Datchet, Chalvey, Oakley Green, Slough, and Horton. I also thought about a few places outside of Knole: Kent, Northamptonshire and Wiltshire
Now, I’ll need to pack my things if I plan on leaving tonight (which I do) and I’ll have to be extra careful about not letting anyone see me (by anyone I specifically mean my father and Marcus).
April 32 1325
Ugh! This is so difficult! I have to decide what to bring without taking my whole room! I simply cannot choose between my ruby necklace that belonged to me great, great grandmother Queen Victoria and my golden bracelet a diamond and two sapphires on it. I also have decided where I am going, I am going to Wiltshire I also have made a list of all the things that could possibly pose a problem for me on my journey, and believe me, they are not pretty….

While I am climbing off my balcony, I slip, fall, and die and get injured

I get robbed on my way to Wiltshire

I sob, sniff, whimper ruin my dress!
Well, that is it. I have packed and decided to take the diamond and sapphire bracelet. I also have asked the Royal Seamstress to make me some peasant clothes; of course I told her they were for Kye, not me. I told her Kye had bore holes right through his old attire and that she must have “his” clothes finished by sundown or else she would be thrown in the dungeon. She barely flinched when I mentioned the dungeon, but I did not care, for I was far too busy planning my escape. What would she do if she figured out I was running away? Tell my father? Well, no matter, I must not let anyone in on my plan.
Another problem I have is that…well…today is the day when my tutor comes to retrieve my diary! So…I guess you won’t be coming with me on my adventure, will you? Well, this is to be expected, I cannot have everything my way....

To be continued...that is, if you wish to read more about her escape and the adventures she has with her brother...and some other people. i haven't come up with yet. i have not finished writting it yet...if you would like me to continue writing, please comment and tell me to do so. :) thanks for reading this far!

The author's comments:
I hope you enjoyed this part of my story...unfortunately, you cannot read it in the font and format i wrote it in, but alas, all cannot be perfect. About the first half of the story was written in a fancy cursive handwritten font i downloaded off the internet, and at times, Luna was angry and i had her write in a very messy, spidery handwritten font. Also when and or if you get to the -------, that is the end of Luna's diary, and Luna is then in the real world, and robbed of her diary. I had the font change to: High Tower Text, because i thought it fitting for the the story. if you have a chance, try it out on word, its one of my favorite fonts.

Thanks for reading!

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sky143 said...
on Jan. 3 2010 at 10:41 am
pretty good, but the spelling mistakes are distracting. Also, you might want to give more back round info before just jumping into the story. it's a little confusing

on Nov. 25 2009 at 11:50 am
literaryaddict PLATINUM, Albuquerque, New Mexico
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very good. but historically accurate??? i don't think so. queen elizabeth I was queen in 1558-1603. king edward II was king from 1307-1327 and had 4 children, 2 of which were girls (Eleanor and Jeanne).( http ://www.britainexpress .com /History/monarchs.htm) also, the way it was written is most definitely NOT how they would speak/write in 1325. it would have been old english with many expressions and words that today would be difficult to understand. i like your writing, but next time, a bit more accuracy would bring it to the next level and it would make it believable cuz right now it seems amature and unbelievable. not trying to be mean or cynical, just trying to help you with your writing!!