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Il nepote di davinci (parte uno)

October 23, 2010
By daneshzg GOLD, West Vancouver, Other
daneshzg GOLD, West Vancouver, Other
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It’s been so long since I saw you, uncle Davinci; I have so many questions to ask. Sometimes I wonder why Madre won’t let me go outside and play, like all the other kids. She says that it is dangerous, and especially for me. Where do you live mio zio I would love to meet you, and learn to build, paint, and design like you. I put down the pencil down, folded the paper up, and slipped it under my pillow. I put my head down and slept silently. Through the night I dreamt of meeting zio davinci, but then, him not accepting me. My eyes flickered open as Madre called from downstairs, “Liborio davinci! It is breakfast time!” “Si Madre! I’ll be down in less than a sec!” I shouted down to her. I stuffed the message in my suit’s pouch, and ran down the stairs to our kitchen. “Eat mio figlio.” I agreed as my stomach growled, so I took a good bite at my bread and drink at the soup. I stuff the bread into the soup and then delivered it into my mouth hungrily. “Can I go out today Madre?” I asked through the food in my mouth. She questioned suspiciously back at me, “to do what?” I lied, “exercise! How could any man live without a nice jog?!” she answered in worry “but you are only a child.” I sighed in fatigue “Madre! I’m seventeen!” she finally gave up, “va bene, but you have to come back before lunch!” I comforted her as I ran out, “nessun problema I will be back in 10!” I looked around the city of Vicenza, but could not see the pigeon cage. My brown eyes caught sight on a tower, and quickly I jumped on a ledge and started climbing. The crack by the wall supported my hand, as I climbed hand by hand up the side of the wall until I stood upon the tiled roof, and looked.
The cage was in front of me, but there’s a problem, Guards. I jumped down on him and knocked him out with a hard punch to his head, and then I threw him off the roof, and into the haystack. I open the cage, and took a pigeon out. I stuffed the letter in tightly, and sent it away towards Venice. “Meet you soon mio zio.” I jumped off the roof onto a balcony and flipped around with my back towards the street, and then dropping onto the street on my two foot, then beginning to jog back to the mansion. The gate was open surprisingly enough, and as I entered I saw a pan swept at me. My eyes began to flicker violently, and soon I was swept to darkness. When my eyes reopened I was in my own room with worried faces above me. “Where is Madre?” I asked when I realised she was not part of the crowd. “Mi dispiace Liborio, she’s been taken.” Said our handmaid. The butler of our house comforted me “do not worry il mio piccolo maestro, I’ve sent the guards after them.” “WHO TOOK HER!? Lo uccidero tutti!” I shouted out in rage. “Keep your cool giovane, they shall be back soon.” My combat teacher said calmly. “Soon is not fast enough!” I stubbornly jumped on my two foot, and sprinted out the room. “Liborio davinci! Get back here!” I heard my teacher shout from behind. He ran out after me, and tried to grab me. I felt his fingers brush me, and following that sensation I sped up. I leap onto a cargo box and onto a ledge and onto the roof. When both my feet landed on the roof I sped up across it, hearing the crushing of the tiles beneath me, and behind. “Merda. He’s on the roof.” I took a deep breath, and leap across to the roof to my left, and again towards the gate. Upon my final leap I felt liquid splash under my foot, “it has not been raining, has it?” I questioned in my mind. Unaware I looked down, on the street lay the corpse of 5 armoured guards. Two other feet land on the tile roof, “giovane, what’s wrong?” said Peiro the combat coach as he looked at my paleface. He too glanced down, “ah, merda.”
We walked through the town towards the mansion silently. We pushed open the gate, and entered my room. “The patrone?” the men and women asked worriedly. “Gone.” Peiro answered emotionlessly. “I’m going.” I spoke silently. “I understand your pain giovane, but they were here for you too.” Peiro warned. “Then let them, but I won’t go without a fight.” I answered stubbornly. “Pack some food peiro, and don’t forget the swords.” I equipped myself with armour, and swung a hood over my head.
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The author's comments:
seriously, if you don't understand any itlian at all, have a translator at hand when you read this. may include gory descriptions further into the story, based on events from actural history in rennaissance. if you take offence to fictional characters in actural historic places, with actural historic characters, please do not read this.

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