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Harriet Tubman

October 18, 2011
By tahir GOLD, El Cerrito, California
tahir GOLD, El Cerrito, California
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Hello, I’m Jack Montello! I’m the director of this display. Today I would like to tell everyone why Harriet Tubman is such a great inspiration to me. I’m inspired by Harriet Tubman because she was steady and brave. Someone else in her place would have gone frantic or made a different choice, if they were faced with the same conditions or situations. She also boldly stood up for justice. She was very intelligent.

Some of the cases that justify my belief in Harriet Tubman. She, had gained freedom after many years of torture. She chose to yield her own chance of living a happy life to help other slaves escape. Another case is that during her first journey to with and alone to Canada. She faced many hardships. Some of the people who had sheltered her before denied her plea to shelter and food because of the sheer number of people. Instead of giving up to the distress she encouraged herself and her companions to go on and finally reached Canada.

Harriet stood up for justice. She saved many slaves from unfair treatment. She helped hundreds of slaves, about 300, to escape to Canada and free states. Provided hiding places as well as taking the slaves by safe passages.

Harriet had a very fast aptness to learn and understand situations as well as how to handle them. She used her head to take slaves by a safe passage or to anonymously smuggle them out of plantations. It was so well done that everyone believed Harriet or Moses (her under ground name) was a man.

I believe Harriet Tubman was smart, brave, and courageous enough to face the dangers of standing up to the law for what she herself believed was justice. This fact intrigues me and kept me awake many nights thinking about what kind of species Harriet was. I am truly exhilarated by the thought of Harriet Tubman. I hope you find her as amassing as I do and you learn something while at it. Good luck!

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this was for homework. i really enjoyed doing this.

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