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Two names, one heart

March 15, 2012
By Shadoww GOLD, Oak Lawn, Illinois
Shadoww GOLD, Oak Lawn, Illinois
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“Hurry!” Sounds of scurrying steps splashing through the rain. The alarm goes, echoing in the ghetto, stating there has been a break out. “Komme Schnell!” shattered glass surrounds the near by stores. The Jewish stores. Cloth and wooden made shoes clomp through the never ending puddles. Dull green trucks hum as they ride through the streets. They wait in patience, breathing heavily, lurking in the dark shadows of the alley. Chayyim, a 16 year old boy with raven colored hair and deep blue colored eyes, tore off a piece of cloth from his sleeve. Motioning to Zakiah, a 15 year old girl with dirty blond hair and chocolate colored eyes, to step away from Shamira. Shamira, the nearly 15 year old girl with autumn brown hair and jade colored eyes, sat by the eroded brick wall. Chayyim rolled up Shamira’s sleeve and wrapped the torn cloth around her bruised forearm.
That was just yesterday.

Earlier the same week.

“Sie Stück of filth!” said her former classmate who was no older than 16. He had clutched Shamira’s forearm and dragged her out of the classroom. Gerule, now a Hitler Youth, raised her arm and started shouting,

“Was ist das, eine Art von Witz,” His voice demanding to know but his eyes slipping just a hint of compassion.

“Dies ist kein Witz Gerule. This is no joke Gerule.” Shamira kept her head down. Her loose hair covering her eyes.

“WHY? Why did YOU lie to ME?” Gerule’s face showed much anger and disappointment. He brought her arm down though still clutching on to her forearm with a lighter grip.

“How could I lie if did not say anything of much importance? Hmm Gerule, tell me how did I?” Shamira’s voice leaked no fear. Her voice displayed anger as it contrasted with the look in her eyes yearning to be understood. At the same time she looked up at Gerule, her eyes threatening to cry. Gerule stood there dumbfounded. Though that quickly changed when he noticed her trying to lightly pry off his grip. He quickly tightened his grip, his nails warning to break through the skin, a stinging sensation danced forcefully on her arm.

“Sie papierkorb!” His compassionate eyes slipping away. His forceful motion caused Shamira to fly against the wall making a loud thud sound.

A door burst open, “Mimi,” Chayyim cried out to Shamira. Gerule faced the window, stunned at the sight, he slammed his hands on a near by windowsill. “Yiyi, Kiki,” Shamira whispered. Her body was now sore and mind weak from the recent occurring events. Chayyim carried Shamira and walked out the door with Zakiah following behind. They kept on walking, diverting their direction from the watch full eyes of the near by students.

Earlier today

Just earlier Shamira had stood in a truck that would take her to the trains leading to the concentration camps. Many Jews and Germans had heard a variety of rumors about the concentration camps. Her self and two friends, Zakiah and Chayyim were to be taken to the camps. As the truck hummed telling others it was about to take off a man had come running from the crowed. A retired Nazi soldier. He was slim but well built man. All the Jews watched as the retired soldier exchanged looks and words with the young officer.

The retired soldier was brought to the three friends. Though it was the safe to say the three friends were like family since they were now their only known family. The retired soldier seemed to examine the three with his distant eyes. He paused as he stared at Shamira’s forearm, then he turned and Zakiah and Chayyim were taken from the truck and given to their new found owner. The three exchanged worried and fearful looks. As if they knew what one another was thinking they all gave a depressing smile. Just as the truck was about to leave, Zakiah started to hiccup trying to hold in her tears. Chayyim’s eyes were threatening to cry as he put on a fearless face. A tear slowly climbed down Shamira’s cheek as she mouthed the words “I’ll come back”. Soon there was nothing but a trail of dust left.


Shamira, now hiding, is currently in a ditch. While the truck was hitting some bumps on the land, Shamira too this chance to jump out the truck. She rolled in some hay as she landed. When she was sure there was no one in sight. She crept through the hey and headed to last city she was in.

Shamira had come at a bad time to the city. There was a riot going on in town square. Many Germans and Jews were lying dead on the cold floor. Shamira blended in the crowed trying to breathe through the musty air. Shamira tripped over a woman, quickly realizing she was dead, she went through her bag and took her papers and little money so not to raise any suspicions. She did the same to another woman but took her scarf. Shamira scurried to the near by alley hiding from the people. In the alley Shamira gasped as she saw a Nazi soldier sitting near the wall right behind her. Her insides screamed as her voice gave no apparent sound. She closed her eyes waiting for something, like his hands dragging her or his legs kicking her on the ground. Nothing. She opened her eyes slowly and walked closely near him. She cautiously brushed her hand across his cheek.
“There is no warmth,” she thought to herself. She gave a softhearted look. Her expression was quickly changed as she rummaged through the man’s belongings and pockets. She took a pocket sized German Army knife and one of the German Mauser HSC armed guns. She also took some bullets and medicine she found.


Shamira ate little of the
rationed food. She used the army knife and cut off the strands holding the Star of David sign from her vest. She switched the pictures and some information on the two stolen papers each having the same first name. Shamira was going to find her friends. She needed to help them. But until she does she would no longer wear the name Shamira. She from this day on would be Philomena meaning friend of strength. Not a Jew but a German.

‘Philomena’ looked up at the sky noticing stars walking on to the night sky. Two other people were also looking at the change of the sky miles from where she was. Little did she know though that she had recently caught the attention of a passing German who happened to be strolling through the woods.
“I’m coming soon everyone I-” She was quickly broken from her thoughts as someone spoke up from the shadows.
“It’s you?” A boy exclaimed.
“It can’t be.” Shamira whispered to herself.

Hebrew names;
Zakiah meaning “’Pure”
Chayyim meaning “Life”
Shamira meaning “Guardian, Protector”

German names;
Gerule meaning “Spear wolf”
Philomena meaning “Friend of strength”

The author's comments:
I actually wrote this a while ago. We were reading on books about WW2 and i wrote this story as a class assignment.

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