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Eve: A Narrative

July 14, 2012
By MadMouse GOLD, Springfield, Missouri
MadMouse GOLD, Springfield, Missouri
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Listen to these words I speak, and perhaps your mortal minds will heed my warnings.
‘The memories of paradise will forever haunt me. At night, my dreams are filled with the pure life we lived, and in the day, I am reminded of what we have become.
Children, you know the story of our betrayal, and I need not repeat the darkness of the past.
The Lord was generous to us and did not take away the Breath of Life. He let us survive, but with a curse that will forever torment the world. Yes, we deserved the punishment, but that does not imply that we are not repentant.

Not a day passes where my husband Adam and I do not ask the Lord for forgiveness. We offer Him sacrifices fit for only the Holiest of Holies; the God of every thing we see and know.

For 800 seasons we have walked this earth, broken the soil, watched the sun rise and fall. For 800 seasons we have seen crops perish under the sun, the winds, and the animals. For 800 seasons we have watched our sons and daughters grow and marry, we have seen our children and our children’s children. Our lives are plentiful, but we endure the beginnings of something that will never rest.

Our sons have slaughtered, hunted, and killed. Cain stained the earth with Abel’s blood, and we wept as Abel perished, for we felt the life leave him even when we were far away. Our children have dispersed; we have watched our life multiply, and still we toil under the darkness that will never leave us.

Adam does not blame me, though I deserve his hatred. I was deceived and easily persuaded to eat of the fruit, and easily swayed my husband Adam to eat of the fruit as well.
But though we gained a knowledge of Good and Evil, we also lost our pure life and became separated from God.

We do not speak of the Garden very often. It brings painful memories of happiness, and we cannot erase what we have done. Once in our confusion of the aftermath of our expulsion, we tried to enter the Garden, but the cherubim held their swords of flame, and we could not pass.

I have toiled in labor of childbearing pains, as have my daughters after me. Adam’s sons have fought the thorns, bristles, and wastelands as they plant and grow. We all suffer the punishment of our mistakes.

I wept as I watch you become burdened under the weight of humanity, for it is my doing that has brought this upon earth. Adam and I will never be forgiven by men, and we know it well.

Someday I know that God will endure torturous pains for us, though I know not what they are. Somehow He will pay ultimately for what we have done.
And now, as I am dying, I have come to fully understand what Adam and I have done. But it is all too late. I am sorry for our mistakes and the payment you must all pay.

Forever man will be cursed; forever we have brought a terrible fate upon the world that will come to be. You will never know the paradise of the Garden of Eden, nor the feeling of purity, nor the knowledge of innocence. You will never know the sound of Jehovah’s footsteps, nor the music of His voice upon the winds of heaven. We have brought an end upon mankind that will never release its hold, and will ravage the world until the grounds lay barren underneath the wide sky.’

All of this I spoke to my husband, sons, and daughters as I felt the Breath of God leaving me; ‘For out of dust you are, and to dust you shall return.’
May God forgive us for what we have done.

The author's comments:
At school, we were told to write a narrative from a famous person's point of view in history. I chose Eve, because she was the first woman to ever walk earth. I took a guess at what she may have felt.

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