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'Til The Final Boom: An Auschwitz prisoner Journal

February 21, 2014
By BeeQueen14 SILVER, Denver, Colorado
BeeQueen14 SILVER, Denver, Colorado
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My name is Lylah Burns age 15, pregnant, and I am a jew. I am sweet, motherly, bold, and kind. My family was my Mother, Father, three brothers, and one sister. we were not poor,but not rich. I can’t go into great detail about how I became pregnant, but it was from a man whom I will surely not forget. I was sent to Auschwitz because of a man named Adolf Hitler. I don’t understand why he hated us so much? I have never met him and certainly never hurt him. Anyway I was happy and full of life before Auschwitz. My family and I lived somewhere close to Auschwitz not knowing that the world we knew would be turned against us. I think Auschwitz is a place of fear, hunger, monsters and….Death. Even the mighty God would not venture in. I have been beaten, starved, and taken advantage of. My children and siblings went through more than what I ever wanted them to endure. The day we entered was the day we lost our innocence.


On November.4 ,1941 was when my life changed forever. My family and I had just gotten out of the cattle carts when Josef Mengele (who was known as the Angel of Death) started to yell at us. “line up".”Alright… you, you, and you.” He pointed at me and two other women who were pregnant. We got out of line.we were told to grab our belongings and say good bye to our families. We were told that it was necessary for us pregnant women to be kept healthy. “Why?” I wondered. We had to take shower because of all the dirt from the cattle cart. I looked at my clothes and saw how dirty, raggy, and torn they were. They made us give them our old clothes and gave us new one I like them ,but missed my old clothes. Fast forward a little It was night and I looked out my window to see men, women, and children being hit, shot, and pushed. They were in an unneat line. To the right was women, children, old, sick, and others. To the left men. I missed my family so dearly. Everyday I would what as hundreds of families were separated by gender, size, health, strength, and age. I wondered to where the soldiers would take the ones that were not sent so gifted?
(Later I found out left was the crematorium and right was sentence of surviving)



My twins ( Aaron and Abby burns) were born on this day in 1942. They are what are known as extra special because they were twins, a boy and a girl. This interested Josef Mengele. He would baby them and check that they were happy and healthy. I thought it would be a safe place for them, but I was wrong. I was sleeping soundly when I thought I heard someone yell louder than usual. I went out a door that was not guarded and saw a horrific sight. A man that I could see was yelling not to separate him from his family. He reminded me of my Father and the man had four children that reminded me of my siblings. I watched in horror as he was struck and shot. just like an animal. I watched as he was dragged to the big building in back. I seeked around the corner and smelled the foulest of smells. Dead bodies were piled and being striped of their clothing. I was hysterically crying as the thought of my parent being treated this way came to mind. I hate the treatment of all them who must of had reasons for living as well. I saw movement and hide behind the wall.then I looked again. There were big men throwing bodies into the the flames. “How could they be so heartless”,I thought. I ran back inside and hugged my siblings and children. After I woke up after crying myself to sleep I had an epiphany. I need to get me and my family out of this hell hole and back to life ,but I need to wait for the right moment.


Date: January.2 ,1944
Today I was was beaten hard because Josef Mengele wanted to do an experiment on Aaron and Abby and I said no. I can still feel every pain, tingling hit every time he came down with his fist. I wasn’t going to give up without a fight and I kicked, screamed,and hauled myself on him. Just when I though he gave up he grabbed a lamp and hit me with it. When I woke up I was in a lot of pain and still was in a daze. It was still day and I got up ran to the children and my siblings they were playing with their toys. I held them and kissed them. I went to go and snoop around to find a nurse when guards were walking out of a room a few doors down from the infirmary. I listen to them say to one another “ soon the plan will be carried out.” What did that mean. When I was sure they all left I walked in and closed the door. On a desk was a file of papers that had the title preparation. I read it and it had informed me who was to die and how. me and my family were on the list and I was scared to death. It already started because many of the women and men I knew had been confined to famine or segregated into ghettos. I ran out and said to myself “tonight is when I will do it?” That night I told some of my friends what I saw and I knew a way out of this hell hole. We will go through a small opening in the gate and run into the forest. When I had packed all of the thing we will need I grabbed my children and sibling and ran to my friends. We crept out side and ran to the opening. we made it bigger and ran. We thought we got away until “BOOM”. I was hit and was still running. We were finally free. The person who shot must of stopped looking for us. We stayed safe in the forest. (Lylah died 3 years later from a cold. So she survived and fought until her last boom.)

The author's comments:
In class we read this book called "NIGHT" and it inspired me to write my idea of a great story. a true tale of FAMILY and survival!

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