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David's Darkest Times

March 4, 2009
By Anonymous

The last entry in David Rubinowicz journal was dated on June 1, 1942. This journal entry was called a 'happy day'. The reason why it was called a happy day was because David saw his father coming down the road waving. He was glad his father was back from the labor camps. I am going to write about what happened between his last diary entry and the time he died which was on September 21, 1942.

Today, June 2, 1942 my family and I are at our home. My dad just got back from the labor camps yesterday. I missed him dearly. We just sit around the house doing nothing because there isn't much to do. The Germans have taken everything. I miss all my friends and being able to be a normal person. I hope everyone is okay like my family. It is night time about 9:18 I guess. Dad is still awake crying about the labor camps and how he missed us.

Today is June 18, 1942. We moved into Jeffery my dad's friend's house because the Germans were clearing people out of my neighborhood. Mom and I are scared that when we go back to our house it my might be destroyed. I play with Anthony Jeffery's son. We are getting hungrier each day and night, fighting for survival.

July 1, 1942 we are still at Jeffery's house. Dad left to try and find work. He has been gone for six days now. I hope he is alright. Anthony and I are going to go play in the woods today. We are going to try and catch rabbits. We returned with no rabbits. It was harder to catch them than we thought.

July 7, 1942 dad is still not back. Mom and I are getting scared he might never come back. Jeffery is now stealing food to feed us and his son. I don't like that he is stealing but it means we can eat.

July 20, 1942 dad has returned. I could see the smile on his face when he brought back bread, cheese, and water. The food was a little stale though. Jeffery stopped stealing because of the food dad got. The only way he can keep getting us food is by going to work every day for twelve hours. I hope they don't make him work too hard.

August 4, 1942 we have gone back to our house. It wasn't destroyed thankfully. Now we have a place to call our own again. Dad left for work so I won't see him till later tonight. I need new clothes because my old ones are rags now but I can't get new clothes because stores can't sell to Jews.

August 11, 1942 I'm tired of the same old stale bread and cheese. And I am sick of drinking water. I am tired of being called a filthy Jew if I go into a town. Anthony says we are all going to die at a place called a death camp. I'm a little scared.

September 1, 1942 Anthony and Jeffery have been taken away. I think to a death camp. I am scared that mom, dad, and I are going to be taken away. Dad has stopped going to work. We have been staying in our house for a very long time now. I wish I had the bread now because I am very hungry. Dad has left to get some food.
September 19, 1942 dad has come back with some food. Mom, dad, and I eat all the food quickly. We know that we will be taken away eventually.
September 21, 1942 the Germans have come and taken us. Mom and I got on a train and headed to a death camp. Dad was on a different train.
That day September 21, 1942 David was killed like the 6 millions other Jews in the Holocaust.

The author's comments:
This story is about a boy named David that had to witness and go through the holocaust.

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