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The Food Chain

December 3, 2019
Muhammad-Aizaz-Salahudddin SILVER, Lahore, Other
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"Nothing is more creative . . . nor destructive . . . than a brilliant mind with a purpose."
- Dan Brown

The mother-bird had just come back after her morning hunt; she gracefully landed on the branch of a tree, singing a cheerful tune. She leaned forwards, with worms between her beak to set aside for dinner. The mother-bird turned her neck to check on her baby, which was supposed to be set in the bundle of leaves she had specially prepared for her, but what she found next horrified her terribly…

“Huh! My baby, where is she!” thought the mother-bird staring at her empty nest. The mother-bird dropped the worms and looked around in panic, she saw a bright, orange fire not far away; it was coming from a house… a stove!!!

“The disgusting humans plan on eating my innocent child who hasn’t even seen the world yet!” exclaimed the sickened mother-bird. Abruptly the mother-bird sped towards the house, hoping to save her unborn child.

One second the mother-bird was racing towards her child and then all of a sudden there was a thud and all things went pitch black, the brainless bird had hit the glass of a window. With stars above its head the mother-bird now lay stunned on Alex’s front porch.

Just as he was about to crack the egg open onto the frying pan he heard a soft thud.

Alex went outside to investigate and discovered the bloody bird. “What a waste” he thought staring in disgust. “Well that’s for dinner!” Alex exclaimed.

Only some meters away the little egg whispered, “Savages”

The mother-bird and the child will at last be together, no not in heaven but in Alex’s stomach which is without a doubt HELL!

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