May 5, 2021
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ishi_xoxo GOLD, Hyderabad, Other
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 A skinny, or how her grandmother likes to say, a malnourished, long-legged girl was sitting in a contemporary library surrounded by a plethora of books. Stroking her chin, deep in thought yet nothing came to her topsy-turvy mind for the ‘The Writer of the Year’ title. “Erica!” someone shouted and all the geeks were awake from their dreams. Elisa, Erica’s bubbly squeaky best friend sat next to her and Erica burst into tears. “Failure!” cried her and continued sobbing for what felt like an eternity. Erica couldn’t face the fact that she failed at yet another hobby.

 Every week at Hamilton High, a new talent captures the eyes of sycophants of this school. It's either Alyssa Morris’s poetry, Tristan’s 1-on-1, or Nick’s paintings. When inquired upon by Elisa as to why Erica follows the ‘Hobby of the Week’, she stood still. She knew the answer just didn’t dare to dig that deep. So she did what anyone would do, brushed her shoulders off, and waited for the next unachievable task. Little did she know that the next avocation would make her faint? Willie Nelson or better known as Wille Nelson, the wackiest kid introduced the world to ‘Beetle Fighting”. And yes it’s a real hobby. So how was Erica supposed to galvanize Hamilton High with this surreal hobby? Answer? She couldn’t

This ‘Hobby of the Week’ was a slap in the face, making her come around into the real world. What in the world didn’t she try to prove herself to this school and more importantly to herself? From gymnastics to digital photography to roller skating, everything within that radius and beyond. Her parents were tired of watching her depressed after every other week, asked her numerous times but her lips were sealed. But now she was ready to speak her truth. Erica ran towards to school notice board and grabbed a flyer. Her heart was thumping, words were jumbled but only one phrase made sense to her “LACROSSE TEAM TRYOUTS NEXT WEEK”.

Two years ago, precisely on 25th August, when the ‘Homewood Field’ was filled with exhilarant students, floors were littered with pop corn and mustard and everyone in unison sang “DARE TO DREAM HAMILTON HIGH!” Erica was the star of the show, captain of the lacrosse team, ready to make her final goal for the win. But alas! Destiny played its card and Hamilton High lost its game of the year. Students, staff everyone was furious, especially coach Sprint and his exact words ring in her year every day “You will never succeed at anything” That was the moment she decided to prove to everyone that she deserves respect. So as impulsive, as she is, she decided to take on everything that captured Hamilton High’s eyes. Her sophomore and junior years were filled with days beating her about trying every possible hobby and sticking to none. Rare were the days when she felt good about herself.

Fast-forwarding to the day of tryouts, Erica walked into the ground of familiar sweet-sharp of freshly cut grass, familiar cheers, and familiar glares. With daybreak on her mind and the jump in her step, she picked up the lacrosse stick with a firm grip and set out to display the only display talent that came naturally to her.

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