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The red pontiac

October 14, 2021
By BALLERmanFREGLY BRONZE, Temperance, Michigan
BALLERmanFREGLY BRONZE, Temperance, Michigan
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The car flys by whirring and roaring and you get knocked off your feet and onto the ground. You get up to see the red car at the finish line.

You see an old red car and you hear it start as it chuggs and huffs then it gets closer as it is screaming with noise it zooms by and you catch a glimpse of the red and silver firebird you can see the old ,big silver bird on the hood and you notice the paint is chipping off and is very sun faded and it is so old you can see the windows are a yellowish red tint, this all adds character to the car shows what the car has gone through. 

Walking to your seat at the track you smell popcorn and hotdogs as you get to your seat you hear the engines rumble you see the track workers working on the track and you hear the announcer start rattling off the names of cars and classes then you hear a red pontiac firebird fire up and drive up to the right lane. You hear it revving and then you see the light switch to green and it's gone. Down the track for a 7.44 quarter mile. A little bit dazed as it had knocked you down as you got up. 

The car drives back and the driver gets out and it is none other than Joe Fabeetz himself the fastest driver in the east side of michigan he is known worldwide and is undefeated in his work he walks up the the concessions and gets 3 hotdogs and popcorn and ate it all in a matter of seconds.

That was a crazy experience with joe fabeetz because he is an iconic race legend. One thing I had discovered was that Joe Fabeetz is a big man. And the car which I carry in my backpack affects me because it's cool and it's been in my backpack since 8th grade. 

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