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The Accident

August 31, 2009
By Breluvsu GOLD, LaFayette, Alabama
Breluvsu GOLD, LaFayette, Alabama
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My little sister Lela and I were heading home in my care.Lela was 14 and I was 17 in my last year of highschool.I started to think about how graduatoin would be and then Lela started to yell at me to go.I didn't relize that I had stopped and pulled over right in front of a person that was mugging a guy.He came after us and then I hit the gas without paying attention an I pulled out in front of a 18-wheeler and it hit us on my sisters side.We spun and flipped into a ditch and it knocked me out.When I woke up I was in the hospital.My mom was crying and tolded me it had killed Lela.That night I started thinking about the wreck and Lela.I blammed myself for Lela's death. Then when I turned 20 I went to this party and I saw this man getting mugged.He turned around and by that time I had ran away crying cause it made me think of the night.I didn't know where I was running but I fell and I hit my head and it knocked me out.I thought I was dreaming when I saw my sister and she turned around without a hair harmed on her beautiful head.She spoke to me and told me it wasn't my falt.When I
woke up I was in the hospital again but this time when I walked out my sister wasn't in the hospital dead,she was by my side like she was always supposed to be.

The author's comments:
This is about how when you lose someone you love they are always by your side.It doesn't matter if they are physicly they are always in your heart.THat is what n=matters the most.

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casariom said...
on Oct. 8 2009 at 5:24 pm
This story was fantastic! Whenever you said how after the crash you got knocked out, your mom told you the Lela died. It makes you think about how easily accidents can happen. The other thing I like was when you got knocked out again but when ever you left the hospital this time you left with your sister because she was still alive! Such as when you said, “I though I was dreaming when I saw my sister and she turned around without a hair harmed on her beautiful head.” That part was touching, great job on your story.