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THe chronicles of Nat & J: Part 2

September 11, 2009
By Brittaner DIAMOND, Edenton, North Carolina
Brittaner DIAMOND, Edenton, North Carolina
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"Woah, Stop, Woah!" Alex yaled chasing Rachel, Nat, & J. Fruitlessly trying to get them to stop the four wheelers. "your gonna' have ta' cacth us" Nat screamed driving faster. "AL-EX!" Rachel screamed when Nat jumped over a dirt mound. "Nathaniel Grey Stop that blasted contraption and ket that girl go" Mrs. Grey scolded. "we were just having a little fun" Nat defened seeing his brother has already left him defenseless. "that? That is not un scaring the poor girl and worrying her boyfriend half to death" she continued relentlessly. "they're not dating mom they're just friends" Nate said wacthing Rachel dissapear. "just friends they act like..." mrs. Grey started when Alex sreamed "WAIT!" "haha nate keep your mind on the machine" a small childesh voice said. whilst racing down the path. "she stole my 4 wheeler" Nat said shoked. "I told you not to leave that thing alone someone might steal it" Rachel said comming out of the house with water. "Wait if your not driving then who..." Alex started whenJ sped up towards them. "did I just see a crazy preteen girl driving your wheels" he asked Nat "uh-huh" Nat said supprised. "oh man your in truble" Rose & J said in unison just before Alex & Mrs. Grey yelled "Get HER BACK NOW!!!!" "well there goes my plans for the week." Nate mumbled heading off to fecth the blonde wheeler.

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Random story I wrote in discrete math

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