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Silent Waters: Based On True Events: Part II

October 25, 2009
By DramaticWritingsByMK SILVER, Raleigh, North Carolina
DramaticWritingsByMK SILVER, Raleigh, North Carolina
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-Andy Warhol

Surprisingly, no wildlife swum freely among the waters. A few minnows swum quickly away from me and a few ghostly strands of kelp rose from the sea floor like cyclones. I looked up at the surface and saw a motorboat moving gliding along the surface no less then 60 yards away. The motor hummed softly and its great shape cast a shadow on the luminous sea floor. The motor crescendoed into a roar, as it grew closer. The boat was about 20 yards away when I noticed a group of dolphins swimming around the boat. I was astounded by the sight of the famed dolphin and swum up once more to get a glimpse of the marvelous creatures.

Reaching the surface, I swiveled around toward the direction of the roaring engine and chirping dolphins then I met the gaze of a fisherman holding a large harpoon, with a bursting conflagration in his eyes. He stared into my eyes with those sinister thoughts behind his eyes and said nothing as he let the bow of the ship head straight toward me. I ducked quickly out of the way, for if I didn’t my skull surely would have been shattered by the bow. I swum deeper and deeper to avoid the propeller. As the motor grew softer, I finally looked back up at the boat, which had almost killed me.

But, when I turned around I was met by the face of a baby dolphin. The innocent mammal stared at me with a smile, its eyes glittering. Suddenly it swam away from me with haste, like it was frightened. Then I knew why it had swum away from me. I was suddenly being dragged away by something with one swift motion. I realized it was a large fishing net that had caught me. I tried to swim around it but the net was too large for any human to swim past. The net snatched the helpless dolphins too, their flippers thrashing. I struggled to be free from the web of rope that ensnared me but I could not possibly escape the clutches of twine. Even the dolphins could not escape the nearly imperceptible net. This must be a mistake. I had thought to myself. Dolphins are of no use to them so why are they being captured? I was afraid I already knew the answer.

My lungs implored for air, and tightened. Dolphins around me squealed. My lungs tightened and filled with water. The panic from the dolphins didn’t help liberate me from the trap I had fallen into. Then the net came to the surface and I gasped for breath as the dolphins and I were dragged into shallow water. I coughed up more water and gasped for air. I gazed up to the sky, dumbfounded by what had just happened. I was exhausted, after my desperate struggle with the fishermen’s net. The devastated dolphins squealed around me. The net pulled on my entangled limbs as we moved further to the shore. Abruptly the sheer blue sky was met by the sickening blue tarp in another swift drag. Suddenly a feeling of dread came over me. Where were they taking us? The water was warmer now and about a foot and a half deep. I quickly ripped the net off me as a putrid smell filled the air under the shabby shade of cerulean. Yet it was not the filthy smell of fish, which I was so accustomed to, but something worse, something extremely malicious and foul. I now heard not dolphins but something more humane, and they were screaming. Those sounds pierced my mind in their indescribable nature, a mix between sonar and shriek. I stared at the tarp paralyzed to afraid to realize what was going on around me. The screams seemed to be of agony, loss, hate, and murder, and they were all around me. The blood-curdling screams increased chaotically. The sufferers seemed to be crying out as one. Save us. Help us. Kill us. Put us out of our Agony. The screams rang in my ears. I gradually rose and looked at the horrors around me.

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