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Endless Night

October 20, 2009
By bestdayever<3 BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
bestdayever<3 BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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Take a chance and never let go. Risk everything, lose nothing. Don't worry about anything anymore. Cry in the rain and speak up loud. Say what you want and love who you want. Be yourself and not what people want to see. Never blame anyone if you get hurt because you took the risk and you decided who was worth the while

All of it’s gone.
My life is over.
I tried to get up but something in my arm held me down, what the heck? Where am I and
why am I here? I feel something across my cheeks and in my nose. I feel like claustrophobia is
containing me. Oh my gosh, where’s Mandi? Is she here? I tried to scream for her, but nothing came out.
All I can remember is Mandi’s face, screams -high pitched ones too-, tires squealing, and two big, bright lights coming straight at us. I heard consistent footsteps that kept getting louder. The door opened and someone -or something, to tell you the truth, I couldn’t tell-, flipped some light switches on.
"Welcome to the ER Miss. Aimee." said a middle aged brown- haired man. So that’s where I am? The ER? Why? I needed answers. But I still don’t have a voice… I think. I tried again.
"D…d…o-o-octer? Why a-am I h-h-h-ere?" My voice is weak. I hope that was understandable. Apparently, it was.
"Aimee? Do you not remember?" I shook my head so he continued. "Honey, you and Mandi were walking home from a friend’s party. As you were crossing the street… a truck came and hit you guys."
"C-c-a-n-n I tal… talk to Man-dii?" Wow, my voice is terrible! Oh, my gosh! His face! His face turned into freaked out, scared doctor… the look no one wants to see in their doctor. My heart monitor started to beep quicker.
"I am sorry. Mandi can’t be visited by anyone. She is in critical condition."
I want to scream. I wanted to hurt the stupid, idiotic truck driver that did this. Why did this have to happen to us? We never did anything, we are good kids! I mean we wait for the little guy to come up on the screen for crossing. (I think we did that time... but I can’t remember) Stupid… idiotic… truck… Suddenly a loud -and when I say loud I mean deafening scream- interrupted my thoughts. I know that scream. I would recognize that scream anywhere. My best friend, Mandi. Suddenly nothing hurt, I wasn’t in pain anymore. My best friend needed help and I would go through walls to get to her (and with the doctor there I might have to).
I teared what I can now clarify was an IV in my arm out, tubing from my face gone. I got up and ran for the door. The doctor looked startled, the doctor grasped me, but despite his effort I still managed to get away from him; by using my best weapon, my bite. I heard screams of shock and terror. I heard my name several times. Those would be the last things I heard. I fell straight to the ground, hitting my head… hard. I was out.
My eyes fluttered open to another déj? vu moment. With one difference. His sparkly brown eyes- extremely beautiful eyes I might add- were staring at me. His charcoal black hair swept across his face. Covering his right eye, his face turned from depressed and in agony, to overjoyed in a second. He got up; he is trembling like crazy. His face, eyes, hair, I know him. He’s Zach- my boyfriend- the love of my life. He caressed my cheek slowly and whispered my three favorite words
"I love you." I smiled and he added, "don’t you ever forget that, ok?" Before I could say anything he kissed me softly on the cheek three times.
"You’re ok, right?" he suddenly looked concerned. I shut my eyes and nodded slowly.
"Love, can you talk?" my shoulders went up and down gradually.
"Try but don’t strain you’re voice" he smirked then added "I don’t think I could take you getting hurt anymore." I opened my eyes and smiled. I opened my mouth and closed it again; chickening out. I did this multiple times. Zach snickered and said,
"Honey, no offense but, you look like a fish!" I inhaled deeply then tried again.
"I love ya too." I whispered so low I was almost just mouthing it. There was three quick, rapid knocks on the door that made us both jump. Zach returned to his seat against the wall as he called, "Come in." The doctor came in with tears about to spill from his eyes. Again my heart monitor quickened. Zach was the first to speak,
"What’s up doc?"
"Zach this is serious, Aimee I am so sorry." I looked from Zach to the doctor a few times. "Mandi... um… well, Mandi … didn’t make it." I was suddenly angry; I was bawling. Zach ran to me and wrapped his arms around me. I felt his fingers wipe away my tears and his lips against my forehead repeatedly. I heard "I love you" again and again. Zach took my face in both of his hands, looked me straight in the eyes-he was crying too- he kissed me then said, "I love you, I will forever and ever, I am so sorry this happened."
-1 week later-
We are all in black. Zach and I entered the church together. He is not his normal happy self. He was just as depressed as I was. As the priest talked, Zach wrapped his arms around me and held me close. After the service Zach drove me home. The car ride was silent except for my sniffles and Zach saying he loves me. When we got to my house we kissed one more time. I got out of the car and walked up the steps. That night will last forever

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