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Sharing is Caring

November 25, 2009
By john112233 SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
john112233 SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
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The people of America have taken a lax approach to caring for others. The number of sporadic murders has been increasing at solid 30 percent a year. An example of this trend is the story of Miss Genovese which took place outside of her domicile in New York City. She was luridly stabbed 3 separate times while screaming for help. There was only one old lady who called the police 20 minutes after the fatal stab. Her quip for not calling sooner was “I didn’t want to get involved.”

The public has to have responsibility for their community by being alert and meticulously reporting suspicious activity. Doing so can obviate the risk of attack. Possessing home and personal defense weapons is advised in urban areas. Try to not make rash decisions that may endanger yourself or others; this includes making hostile conjectures about neighbors or co-workers.

Caring for others and hoping that they will care for you will make the community a safer place to live in. Allowing time to elapse after witnessing a crime not only hurts the victim but hurts your community. You would want someone to help if you were in trouble, so return the favor. Next time anything bad happens we will hopefully respond in a timely and efficient manner.

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