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Medical Reason Suspected for Public Violence

November 25, 2009
By john112233 SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
john112233 SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
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Medical Reason Suspected for Public Violence

The rising crime and homicide rate no doubt affects our daily lives, families, and workplace. Police are baffled by the amount of inane crimes that happen daily. Things big and small are being stolen, from Twinkies to Televisions. This makes scientists and civilians alike wonder “what happened to human ethics?” Investigators are currently too overwhelmed to track down the culprits to the smaller crimes. Stores such as Bestbuy and Steinhafels have been so heavily affected that they are closing stores all over the country. Government officials admonish stores to hire bouncers and private security to protect merchandise and customers.
Scientists at Stanford Medical School concur that this rising problem is directly related to a new gene in humans simply called the “Looting Gene”. Designed for survival in primitive times this gene excites peoples need to possess things such as food and shelter, but now it has mutated into wanting modern day material objects such as TV’s, iPod’s, and European cars. Scientists speculate that the homicide rate has gone up directly with crime because the gene’s drive to steal is soo great that people will kill to get what they want. Police duress seems to be an ineffective deterrent against the growing urge to steal.
Until there is a cure for this corrupted gene the crimes will remain inexorable. Some say that Area-51 has developed a clandestine plan to stop the rampant looting. It is said to involve shocking part of the brain until the stealing gene is suppressed. All that is still speculation, but it is a hope for mankind’s bad disposition. Meanwhile, the flagrant crimes will continue to sweep our cities and towns.

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