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Everyone Needs a Friend

November 23, 2009
By ilovetinkerbell GOLD, Raytown, Missouri
ilovetinkerbell GOLD, Raytown, Missouri
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At six in the morning, the sound of an alarm clock woke up fifteen year old Sarah. Sarah knew what the sound meant because today was her first day of high school. She climbed out of bed and started to get ready to go. She had forty five minutes to get dressed, have breakfast, and do her morning chores before she had to be at the bus stop. The bus stop was a ten minute walk so she didn’t have that much time. Forty five minutes later Sarah was at the bus stop waiting for the bus. When she was just about to go home the bus arrived. At school Sarah couldn’t find the class room she was suppose to go to. Luke, sixteen, and in the tenth grade offered to help her find her class room. In her first class, which was english, Sarah was given a two page essay write. She had to write about a friend of hers. She decided she would write about Luke but she had to get some information from him first. When Lunch time rolled around Sarah went to find Luke.

In the cafeteria Luke asked Sarah if she wanted to sit with him and he would also go over where her next class was. She agreed and when they were seated she said, “I have to do an essay on a friend of mine and I was wondering if you will let me write an essay about you.” “That’s fine with me,” Like said. “Would you like me to help you with it?” They agreed to work at Sarah’s house after school. After Lunch Luke took Sarah to her next class, which was history. In history Sarah couldn’t stop thinking about Luke. He was so helpful and she felt that he was becoming her best friend. After history Sarah went to get on the bus to go home. Before she could get on Luke stopped her and said, “I have to call my mom and tell her where I am going. If she is okay with that I will have to ride on the bus with you because I don’t know where you live.” “Okay that is fine but please do it quick because the bus leaves in two minutes,” said Sarah. Luke’s mom said it was fine and he rode home on the bus with Sarah.

At Sarah’s house her mom stopped her in the door way. She asked, “What is a boy doing here and what are you doing with him?” Hi, my name is Luke; I am helping Sarah write an essay she has to write for english class. If that is okay with you,” said Luke. Sarah’s mother agreed and told them that they would have to do it at the kitchen table. An hour later the essay was only half way done and Sarah was starting to get frustrated. So Luke suggested they take a break and go to the park. Sarah’s mother said that was fine. At the park Luke said, “I have told you a lot about myself but you haven’t told me anything about you.” So Sarah told him, “I just moved here from California. I have one sister and two brothers who are all older than me. My mom and dad are divorced. Dad lives in California and mom has custody of us kids. I can’t talk to my dad because he will find out where we are by the phone number. My mother is afraid that he will try to take us away from her. That is about all I can tell you.” “I am so sorry to hear that. Well we better get back so we can finish your essay and I have to be home in an hour,” Luke stated.

Back at home they finished the essay and Luke left to go home. That night in bed Sarah thought over the day and she realized that she had found a good friend. The next day at school Sarah learned that Luke was sick. At lunch she had to sit at a table by herself because nobody would let her sit with them. After school Sarah called her mom and asked, “Is it okay if I go over to Luke’s house? He is sick and the teacher asked me if I would take his homework over to him. Is that okay with you mom?” Yes that is fine as long as you get home in time for dinner,” her mother told her. Sarah took the bus to Luke’s house and when she got off she realized why he hadn’t wanted her to come over the day before. His house was in the poor part of the neighborhood. Windows were broken, the yard was trashed, and there was people drinking. Sarah thought about going back home but she knew she had to deliver his homework to him. So she went to knock on the door.

A lady in worn out clothes, answered the door. She asked Sarah, “What do you need? I have never seen you around her. Are you here to take the last of the money I have? Well girl? Are you going to answer me?” But before Sarah could answer Luke came up from behind his mom and said, “Mom it is okay, this is Sarah, the girl I helped yesterday with her home work.” His mother answered, “Okay take care of your little friend here and then get back to bed.” Then she walked away. Before Sarah could say anything Luke said, “Sarah what are you doing here? I thought I told you not to come here. You can’t come here anymore do you understand me?” Sarah, almost in tears answered, “The teacher told me to bring you your homework. I thought it was okay since she told me to do it. I didn’t know that it was this bad. I am sorry, here is your work. Bye.” Sarah ran off the off of the porch and started walking done the street. She was almost half way done the street when Luke yelled, “Sarah wait. Let me give you a ride back home, please. I feel bad for being a jerk. Please at least let me give you a ride back home.” Sarah agreed and Luke took her back home.

When they pulled into Sarah’s driveway, Sarah saw her mom yelling at a guy. Sarah got out of the car and was about to ask her mom what the matter was when her mother yelled at her, “Sarah get back in the car and get out of here now.” Luke pulled her back into the car and they drove off. Luke said, “I will take you back to my house but do you mind telling me what all that was about?” Sarah answered, “I think that was my dad but I am not sure. Here give me your cell phone and I will call my mom. Don’t worry he can’t trace the number.” So Sarah called her mother and was told that it was her father who was there and that he was going to take Sarah back to Californian. After Sarah hung up the phone she started crying. Luke told her, “Everything will be alright. I will keep you at my house until your father leaves, I will also keep your brothers and sister safe and my mom will help when she hears about this.

When they got to Luke’s house they told his mom and she agreed right away. Luke then left and went to get Sarah’s siblings. While Luke was gone Sarah told his mother everything. She said, “I came here today because my teacher told me to bring Luke’s school work to him. I knew Luke told me not to come here but I had to bring his school work. I am sorry and I am sorry for putting this on you. I don’t want to intrude because this might bring harm to you.” Luke’s mom replied, “I don’t care if you are here and I don’t care if it brings harm to me. I just want to protect you because that is what Luke wants. I will do anything he wants me to do if it means keeping a girl he loves out of danger.” Luke’s mom then left so she could could put her kds to bed.

Mean while, back at Sarah’s house Luke was trying to get Sarah’s siblings out of harm’s way. Sarah’s dad, Charlie, was telling the children to get in the car, and he was yelling at Luke because he wanted to know where Sarah was. Luke refuse to tell and told the kids to get into his car. Sarah’s mother ran inside to call the police for help. Charlie ran into the house to take the phone away from Sarah’s mom. Luke saw the chance and drove off with the kids. He left a note on the door that said, “Sarah and the kids will be safe with me until Charlie is gone. I can’t tell you where they are but I will let them call you. Please be careful and please know that I care for your daughter very much and that I will keep her safe. Don’t worry, Luke.” Sarah’s mother read the note and told the police that the children were safe and with a trusted friend of hers.

Several days later Charlie was on his way back to California with police escort. Sarah was at Luke’s house packing to leave. Luke helped Sarah pack and after they had finished Luke told Sarah some very important things that made her never want to lose him. He said, “Sarah, I care for you a lot and I did this to keep you safe. I hope your not mad and I hope you can forgive me from taking you away from your dad. I guess what I am saying is that I want to see you safe, I want to keep you safe and I want you. I love you Sarah.” Astonished Sarah replies, “I love you too and I am very happy that you kept my siblings and I safe. I don’t want to lose you either.” Luke took Sarah home after that and her mother was very thrilled to have them back. Sarah and her family moved next door to Luke so that Charlie couldn’t find them anymore. Luke helps Sarah with her homework every day and he also takes her to school. Sarah is just happy that she has Luke and that her family is safe.
Luke and Sarah started to date and they both finished high school and college. Sarah works for a court that helps young kids deal with their parents splitting up. Luke works for as a professor at the high school he use to go to, and when he wasn’t teaching he helped fix up the neighbor hood with Sarah’s help. He also helps pay off all the debt that his mother was in. The summer they graduated Luke took Sarah to see her father in California. They spent a month with him because the court gave him the right to talk and see his children. He now keeps contact with Sarah and calls her almost every day. Luke and Sarah will never forget their teenage years and they will love each other forever. Sarah’s mom remarried Charlie and Luke’s mom also remarried. Next summer Charlie is coming to live with them. Sarah and Luke bought a house together next to their parents and with the help of their parents they are planning a wedding, but that is another story.

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I had to write this for an English assignment. Enjoy!!

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