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Affliction part 3

December 8, 2009
By MM4ever PLATINUM, Owosso, Michigan
MM4ever PLATINUM, Owosso, Michigan
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We enter the room to see the aid standing by Karolynn’s bed, checking on her; it was a different person this time. Karolynn had to be checked on frequently now.
“When…” Nyki begins, but chokes on his words. But the aid knows what he meant.
“In a few days, she’ll be taken off life support,” he answered the unspoken question, looking sympathetic.
Nyki nodded. I can see his tears welling up, and I know he’s trying hard not to let them slip. I am too, and I look over and so is C.C. Turning to the aid, whose nameplate said ‘Alex’ I ask, “Could we be alone with her for a few moments?”
“Of course,” he says. “If you need me just press that button over there.” We watch as he leaves the room.

Chapter 2 : The Beginning and The End

“Karolynn?” I whisper, breaking the awkward silence. She stirs from her sleep, looking so close to death it hurts. I can see our friends studying her paper white, feeble frame and I know what they’re thinking. She can’t make it without the life support helping her. C.C. walks towards her and leans beside my sister’s bed.
“Hi Karolynn,” she begins softly, tears choking her. “I … I just want you to know that … that you’re one of my best friends. You’re a wonderful person. I … I’m really going to miss you.”
With much effort, Karolynn moves her dainty hand atop C.C.’s. She turns her head, eyelids half open and half closed, and reassuringly smiles. “It’s … all right. Don’t … “she began to cough.
Nyki slowly walks over, tears glistening on his cheeks and carefully hugs her being mindful of the machinery and I.V.s. And I, I just hang back watching it all hoping that this is all a dream. That the last year didn’t happen, and that any minute I’m going to wake up. This time I just let the tears freely fall.

The next couple of days go by in a blur for me. I wake up, go to school, do my work, and hang out with friends. But I do it all robotically, with absolutely no emotion. All I can think about is the impending day my sister will be taken off life support. Everyday after school, I always head straight for the hospital to check on my sister. Today the doctors seem to be acting strangely though. They’re all acting unusually kind and sympathetic. A whisper of suspicion begins to form in the back of my mind.

The author's comments:
Hey. This is more of the story I've been working on. If you have any ideas that would help improve it I would love to hear them. [=

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