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Affliction part 5

December 8, 2009
By MM4ever PLATINUM, Owosso, Michigan
MM4ever PLATINUM, Owosso, Michigan
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I plop on the couch and curl up in a ball waiting for Nyki to come. Soon I hear the familiar DING-DONG of the doorbell and jump up to get the door. Seeing Nyki’s face through the window in the door I open it and let him in.
“So what’s this I hear?” he asks worriedly.
“OK. I walked into the hospital and there were two doctors in Karolynn’s room. They told me she’s being taken off life support tonight. And … and I don’t know what to do … I need to call C.C. and let her know-“
“Hey, what did I say? Calm down. I already called C.C. and being the drama queen she is she doesn’t want to see your sister when she is about to die. She can’t bare it, she would go into hysterics,” Nyki says, holding me to stop me from shaking.
Forcing myself to think straight I tell him, “I know you just got here, but could we go to the hospital to see her?”
“Of course. I’ll just write a quick note before we leave explaining where we are,” he says bending over a piece of paper. He finished and we were out the door. This time though, I don’t get distracted by the scenery and old memories. I’m yearning to see my sister if just one more time.
We walk into the building that stinks of death and sickness, the building people usually try to avoid. A nurse greets us kindly, recognizing me. “I assume you’re coming to see your sister dear?”
“Yes,” I try to smile. “I know where she is, thank you.”
Nyki and I walk past her and into the elevator. We both reach for the button and bump hands, I blush as I pull my hand back and he proceeds to press the button. He turns over to look at me and opens his mouth as if to say something, then frowns and stops.
“What?” I ask him curious of what he was going to say. But the ding of the elevator and the opening door interrupts.
I spot my parents at the end of the hall and grab Nyki’s hand and run over to them. We get to where they are and I get enveloped in hugs. Once we all pull away I see that my parents have worried looks.
“The doctor’s have done all they can, but they have to take her off life support,” mom said solemnly. I nod quietly. Nyki puts his arm around me, but I can’t tell if it’s to comfort me or himself because he’s crying too. Probably both.
“We’re still aloud to see her, right?” I ask, hoping they wouldn’t be cruel enough to take that away from us.
“Absolutely,” my dad says as if it’s an obvious.
I walk into Karolynn’s room, probably for the last time but I don’t think about that, followed by Nyki and my parents. They stand back and let me have some time with her. Beside her bed, I look at all the complicated wires and tubes now required for her to live. Tears filling my eyes I cautiously slip my hand into hers.
“Karolynn,” her eyes opened slightly at the mention of her name. “I just want you to know that I love you….And you’re the best sister anyone could have. You’re my best friend-“ I can’t go on, I’m already choking on sobs.
“Don’t… beat yourself up… I love… you too…“ She replies weakly.
I lightly squeeze her hand and turn around covering my face with my hand. Nyki takes my other hand and we go out of the room to wait while my parents talk to Karolynn. We just stand there for a while, outside my sister’s room, holding hands and silently crying. My parent’s walk out of the room and towards us.

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