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To the Naked Eye

December 8, 2009
By Rachel_Beth GOLD, Rainsville, Alabama
Rachel_Beth GOLD, Rainsville, Alabama
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To the naked eye she has it all. You can just picture it. She comes in from her typical day of school. Where she has met up with all her friends at lunch, walked the halls with her closest of girlfriends, met the guy who flirts with her non stop at his locker, aced her advanced math quiz and at the end of the day drove home in her cute little new sports car. Just to meet her perfect family at the door. She is greeted by her mom who loves her to death. Her dad who is a successful business man and her little sister who at times may get on her nerves but they still get along enough to share every secret with each other. Yeah, to the naked eye this girl has it all. She is so pretty to the outsiders. With her voluptuous locks and sparkling eyes. For one she is curvy but in all the right places…so everyone tells her. Okay she does not have a boyfriend, but only because she does not need one. She is strong independent and loves having her freedom to look and flirt with whoever she wants. She has always been strong willed and has always known what she wanted. On top of her being drop dead gorgeous she has the brains to out wit anyone she likes. She puts off a persona that everyone loves to be around. So to the naked eye she is intelligent, charismatic, beautiful, and comes from a good family. You would look at this girl and be so jealous until you looked in the mirror and saw herself through her own naked eye. Through her naked eye you see yourself. You see yourself with all of these qualities. Not only does this girl remind you of yourself, but she is you. The “you” that everyone sees. However, that is the “you” that know one really knows. The real “you” is self conscious. Needs reassuring. Needs praise and acceptance. Needs people to like you. Wants to tell you that you are beautiful. You feel trapped. Because if you tell anyone how you really feel you get looked down upon. Here you sit and to the naked eye you have everything. In all reality you just would like to feel comfortable in your own skin. You look at all of your friends, smaller than you, with boyfriends, and they are filthy rich. I mean your well off but feel dirt poor compared to them. When you are looking in the mirror you feel so unworthy and so unappreciative. You do have a lot of things…but they are just things…nothing can replace how you feel about yourself. You feel over weight. Sloppy. Gross. Nasty. And Wretched. But just as you throw yourself onto your queen sized bed in you own bedroom that is attached to your own bathroom on the second floor of your house because you can’t handle your life anymore. You blackberry rings. You pick it up. Your best friend is on the line and wants to catch a movie with you and your usual group of friends at seven o’clock. So you pick yourself up. Go to your walk in closet. Get dressed in your new clothes. Grab your designer bag. Kiss your mom and dad goodbye and head out to the movies. And to the naked eye suicide has never even crossed your mind.

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