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Where Are Thou Romeo?

December 9, 2009
By jenx0x3 DIAMOND, Swampscott, Massachusetts
jenx0x3 DIAMOND, Swampscott, Massachusetts
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“Jamie! Thirty minutes until the show time let’s go!” My friend Kate shouted to me from the hallway of my high school.

“Just a minute!” I shouted back. I was in the bathroom looking at myself in the mirror. My stomach clenched, “You will do great Jamie no need to be nervous just go out there and sing that is what you do best right? Ok good now lets go.” I took one more glance in the mirror, smoothed out my hair, took a deep breath and walked out of the bathroom. “Finally now Mr. Tracey is looking for you, he has your mike.” Kate said taking my arm and dragging me along behind her. We walked through the band room-the room connected to the stage-and then out onto center stage. “Here she is Mr. Tracey she is all yours.” Kate told him before giving me a smile and heading back into the band room. Kate is the co. director in our musical she basically orders everyone around and makes sure that everyone is exactly where there supposed to be doing what they are supposed to be doing. “Ah.. There you are now come down here so I can get your mike checked and ready to go.” I walked down the stairs off of the stage and up the aisle to Mr. Tracey.

This was our Fall musical, the musical was Romeo and Juliet; I got the role of Juliet and I was extremely nervous. The role of Romeo was played by my other friend Seth. About Seth I secretly love him but the thing is I already know that he doesn’t like me back even though the way he looks at me he always has me thinking that he does. “Okay you’re all set.” Mr. Tracey said pulling me out of my train of thought. I took the mike from him and walked backstage to the band room. “Jamie, here we have 20 minutes you need to get changed!” Kate said shoving my gold dress with lace bordering the top in my face. I took the dress and passed by my other friend, Stacey. “Hey Stace could you come help me with this?” I asked still heading toward the bathroom. She nodded her head yes and followed behind me into the bathroom. I went into a stall stripped down to shorts and a tank top and slipped on the gold dress. The dress fit like a glove, I walked out of the stall and found Stacey waiting for me. “You look so pretty, look at yourself.” she told me pointing to the mirror above the sink. I looked, the dress was pretty on me but there was no time to admire myself in the mirror I had to go! I walked out of the bathroom the gown flowing behind me. I went back into the band room to find my shoes. I looked through my bag and found my gold high heeled sandals. I pushed my feet through them and strapped them up so that they wouldn’t fall off. Suddenly there was a pair of shiny black shoes next to me and I looked up. “Juliet are you ready for our big musical?” asked Seth also known as Romeo. He gave me his hand and helped me up. “Almost I’m just a tad bit nervous.” I said my stomach tightening. He wrapped his arms around me and squeezed me tight while he said “There’s no need for you to be nervous you will do great I know you will.”

“Thanks.” I said stepping out of his arms I looked him in the eyes and there was an awkward silence between us, he looked down first but I kept my eyes on him. “Romeo let’s go stop being best buds with Juliet we have a show to perform.” Kate said, she likes to order people around and of course she pulls him away from me. He looked up and gave me a smile that meant either good luck or you will do great I really couldn’t tell but it was a nice gesture. “Ten Minutes until show time people lets go!” Kate shouted. I ran over to Stacey “Stacey could you help me with my hair please? Thank you.” I said Stacey carefully pulled my head of brown hair that I had curled for the musical into a high pretty pony tail. I always ask Stacey to help me with my hair she likes doing any ones hair and don’t forget makeup. “Okay turn.” she told me. I turned around to face her; she squinted her eyes looking me up and down before standing on her tip toes and pulling a strand of hair out of my pony tail. She twisted the piece around her finger and when she was done it hung on the side of my face in a perfect curl. I turned to walk away but she grabbed my arm. “Hang on you are Juliet so you need this.” She said taking a rose from the bouquet her parents gave her and tucked it on top of my ponytail. “There now you are free to go. And good luck.”

“You too.” I said before hugging her tight and walking over to my bag. I took water out of my bag and drank it, my mouth was suddenly really dry so I chugged almost half of my water. Mr. Tracey walked in the band room doors, “There is five minutes until show time. The tickets to this show are sold out I know that everyone will do great; people that came to last nights show were amazed so let’s amaze these people tonight. Okay? Places people!” I took a glance at Seth before heading out behind the curtain on stage. The curtain wasn’t open yet and Mr. Tracey was making his really long speech before the show so I had time to take deep breaths and calm myself. While back stage I went through all of my lines in my head making sure I knew everyone of them then suddenly Mr. Tracey said “Enjoy the show!” The Curtain opened and I took my last deep breath before the stage lights turned on and I walked on stage…..

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece because it is silmilar to what was going on withme latley. I am going to post more of it once I write more. Hope you enjoy!

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