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December 1, 2009
By orange BRONZE, Bangkok, Other
orange BRONZE, Bangkok, Other
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The cold, icy winds howls in harmony to the storm. The ocean waves roar and claw the cliff, splashing white froth on the ocean surface. She could see the angry ocean water, threatening and welcoming her in at the same time.

Her black hair, wet from rain and teardrops, clings to her face. Her hands were blue, for she had forgotten to bring a jacket before she left her dirty apartment. She has no intention of going back.

In her hand was a photo. The photo only had two people in it. One was of a smiling young woman and the other a young man, his arms around hers in an eternal embrace. She holds onto the photo for dear life.

She could feel his hands holding hers, warming them in the coldest weather. She could still feel his lips, soft and smooth, on her lips sharing her breath. His dark eyes seem to paralyze her soul, her heart dancing every time she lays her eyes on him. She could remember the way he would smile at her. The edge of his lips would only curl upwards only the tiniest bit, but it was enough to reach the sky. She could remember feeling warm and safe, waking up naked with her head on his chest; his arms holding her close. How different she feels now.

The roaring winds begin to whisper in her ears. They tell her of a better place in the black ocean. They tell her of a place where the pain won’t hurt; a place where the bad memories would simply disappear. They tell her the man she loves is just right down below, waiting for her to come and join him.
The young black-haired woman remembers the last time she saw him. He was in his favorite black motorcycle jacket, with blue scarf she had knitted for him around his neck. His brown hair was windswept; his smile melting away her worries of him leaving. She remembers his last kiss to her, right on her forehead. She remembers the way he had pulled her into his arms, whispering in her ear “I love you”. Then he was gone.

She takes a step closer to the edge. Peering over it, she could almost see the waves motioning her to come in. She could almost feel him running up to her and pulling her back; scolding her and telling her to never stand so close. But he was not here, so there she stood.

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